Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System While At The Old Ranch Takes The Virtual World Wide Sale Off With Jarvis / Pecos Flea Market Items Landing Hud-1Speth On Opening A Free E-Store Along With Many Wonderful Sellers, Shoppers Listing Bulk Vinyl Records Under A Category Of Music – Records Stop By To See The Many Categories Ecrater Has To Offer The Buyers

Greetings, From Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System. Working On Hud-1Speth is working on the World Wide Virtual Jarvis/Pecos Flea Market items sell off. At Pecos Sound System is placing Vinyl Records Under The Music Category. WIN_20210912_15_17_46_ProWIN_20191109_23_06_10_ProWIN_20190721_16_57_54_ProWIN_20200719_12_15_54_Pro Kid Pecos Infected Hand Is Now (Healing) WIN_20210919_13_54_12_Pro

A New Category Under seller/store Hud-1Speth at New Rare Vinyl 7″ 45 RPM Single Records will be added. SKA 11-28 / 12-12. A Few Reggae Selections. WIN_20220416_16_17_51_ProWIN_20220416_17_08_44_Pro  WIN_20210904_17_06_29_Pro WIN_20211204_16_00_10_Pro WIN_20211224_14_22_26_Pro WIN_20211128_15_31_41_Pro WIN_20211212_15_38_01_Pro WIN_20210919_13_57_47_ProWIN_20200830_16_26_11_ProWIN_20210912_15_19_18_ProWIN_20200831_10_25_02_ProWIN_20200926_16_33_08_ProWIN_20220312_14_46_51_ProWIN_20210703_16_47_34_ProWIN_20210619_16_56_08_ProWIN_20201025_17_54_21_Pro

SKA 6/19 & SKA 10-25. WIN_20210321_07_17_40_Pro

Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System following the Wisdom Of The Elders From Above Example Sample works a few set of All Genre Vinyl Sell Off. WIN_20200830_15_35_02_ProWIN_20200903_11_41_05_ProWIN_20200719_21_30_52_Pro SKA 7-19 / SKA 4-21 WIN_20220227_16_40_53_ProWIN_20210722_15_40_31_ProWIN_20211204_16_00_58_ProWIN_20210421_17_16_16_Pro WIN_20200719_09_34_51_ProWIN_20200622_17_45_13_Pro A Hud-1Speth SKA 6-22 Jarvis/Pecos Flea Market Item. WIN_20200622_17_48_28_ProWIN_20201218_19_29_51_Pro SKA 12-18 WIN_20200926_16_38_21_Pro SKA 9-26 & 10-25 WIN_20220312_16_26_07_Pro WIN_20210323_07_52_19_ProWIN_20201025_16_50_44_Pro WIN_20200904_15_44_35_ProWIN_20200920_18_32_09_ProWIN_20210318_16_51_09_Pro Kid Pecos Infected Hand Is Healing. The Infection seems to have spread to the inside of the body  WIN_20200719_12_14_16_Pro

Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System while the body is getting sicker from this infection still remains focused on vinyl records. Music in this format is fun to study. A Sound System, DJ or Vinyl Record Collector is always it seems trying to add new selections. 1st Kid Pecos listens to them for quality. Must records are used when purchased. Check the vinyl surface for marks, scratches, dirt before playing each play prepares for a clear audio sound. Listening to the sound quality is what the 1st few plays are for. With that A Mix or to play them with other records in a sequence can generally be put in ones mind. WIN_20210912_15_19_46_ProWIN_20200727_15_16_55_ProWIN_20200713_14_30_57_ProWIN_20190905_07_31_41_ProWIN_20200504_06_46_46_ProWIN_20200726_19_20_20_Pro WIN_20200325_20_36_59_ProWIN_20200717_22_11_32_ProWIN_20200717_18_10_04_ProWIN_20200325_20_43_32_Pro  Kid Pecos is going through the Sound or Record Collection. Being Am All Genre Vinyl Collection or Sound there are certain genres – years that sort of cam mix together. A Country American Genre Above. This a way for a DJ American term to play a matching Genre Style of music. WIN_20200128_18_34_39_ProWIN_20200430_13_52_05_Pro

A Set Of Reggae Vinyl 7″ Records  A Customer Ordered In The Virtual World Wide Sell Off. WIN_20200531_07_28_03_ProWIN_20200729_19_24_16_ProWIN_20210812_17_05_29_ProWIN_20210329_08_06_27_Pro A Hud-1Speth Jarvis/Pecos Flea Market Item. WIN_20190805_09_32_02_Pro Pecos Sound System goes forward with the Virtual World Wide Vinyl WIN_20210912_15_13_45_Pro Jarvis/Pecs Flea Market Items. SKA 4-21 WIN_20210421_16_58_10_Pro WIN_20200531_07_42_31_Pro

SKA 5-31 WIN_20211002_14_37_22_ProWIN_20200118_14_18_48_Pro

Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound is focusing on some of the older vinyl from the collection. Listening to it. Picking of the vibe of the music. Doing this a selection may be played several times. While trying to put a final thought with the music. WIN_20200118_14_29_40_ProWIN_20200406_06_37_03_ProWIN_20200705_06_31_49_ProWIN_20200216_09_04_22_Pro

SKA 2-15 WIN_20200612_19_26_44_Pro

SKA-6-12 WIN_20200606_13_55_54_ProWIN_20200605_15_23_05_ProAn item of Reggae Dancehall 7″ Vinyl sent out in The Virtual World Wide Vinyl Sell Off. WIN_20200721_09_15_20_Pro

Kid Pecos when the hands were infected it spread to my face. The ears became real itchy. The (fungus germs) got bad. Vinyl, Music helps to keep a sound peaceful mind. WIN_20190805_09_35_02_Pro

The Writer, Sketch Painter of the Writings & Sketches Featured. WIN_20200718_18_45_31_ProWIN_20200718_18_45_31_Pro


SKA 9-26. While going through the older Vinyl Collection new Tunes are being brought in to Sound System. Pecos Sound System will soon show case some new selections. WIN_20200719_09_30_49_ProWIN_20210126_14_54_59_ProWIN_20201220_17_41_46_Pro

SKA 12-20 WIN_20201220_17_57_59_ProWIN_20200531_07_55_05_Pro

SKA 12-20 A Hud-1Speth Jarvis/Pecos Flea Market Item. Some new items will like Bulk Lots Used Books at WIN_20191116_10_44_34_Pro

An item that shipped out in The Virtual World Wide Vinyl Jarvis/Pecos Flea Market Items Sell Off. WIN_20200906_12_19_03_Pro WIN_20200905_15_56_37_ProWIN_20210419_14_04_23_Pro

Kid Pecos was born and raised under The Shoe Boot Shine / Repair Knowledge. The other main interest of Pecos Sound System is Shoe Boot Shine / Repair every now and than Shoes, Boots will be shown. WIN_20191009_15_26_34_ProWIN_20191109_22_05_16_ProWIN_20191110_19_07_02_Pro   

Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System starts to list some Jarvis/Pecos Flea Market items on under Seller Hud-1Speth stop by to see all the items from the many sellers. WIN_20211012_14_32_30_ProWIN_20211012_16_52_31_Pro

The Leaders, Teachers Of The Elder Ways Of God. Photos From The Reggae Calendar – Marcus Books. A New Catergory WIN_20211009_15_03_10_ProWIN_20211012_13_30_44_ProWIN_20200713_14_47_47_ProWIN_20200629_13_03_04_Pro

SKA 6-29 WIN_20200715_10_47_10_Pro

Pecos Sound System is adding new items; WIN_20211012_13_09_07_ProWIN_20200629_13_00_56_ProWIN_20200629_12_49_56_ProWIN_20200622_18_24_31_ProWIN_20200622_17_05_06_ProWIN_20200606_12_12_11_ProWIN_20200721_04_36_58_ProWIN_20200504_06_30_43_ProWIN_20200606_11_50_17_ProWIN_20200606_13_53_21_ProWIN_20200606_11_35_05_ProWIN_20211012_13_28_27_ProWIN_20201207_18_08_21_Pro 

Pecos Sound System is working through a few waves of vinyl, Hud-1Speth items. A Sound System, Vinyl Collector, Collector Of Vintage items seems to all have plenty items – While still searching for new 1’s to add to the Collection. Some Newer Vinyl Selections will be added a later time. Kid Pecos seems to have found a solid set of Classic Rare cuts. For now Kid Pecos is working on an all Genre Older Vinyl Set. WIN_20201220_18_00_32_ProWIN_20210417_15_28_54_ProWIN_20210109_18_46_34_ProWIN_20201006_16_47_42_ProWIN_20200725_11_13_45_ProWIN_20201207_18_09_09_ProWIN_20210413_14_10_21_Pro

Pecos Sound System is working on a wave or selection of 7″ Vinyl 45 RPM Records. WIN_20210919_13_37_27_ProWIN_20210106_14_18_40_ProWIN_20210417_16_37_13_ProWIN_20201009_17_22_14_ProWIN_20200715_08_33_56_ProWIN_20200606_12_03_51_ProWIN_20200829_18_21_12_Pro

Pecos Sound System is working on a new set of vinyl LP in the Category at WIN_20211025_15_02_18_ProWIN_20211025_14_46_02_ProWIN_20211025_17_18_34_ProWIN_20211023_14_49_46_ProWIN_20211025_10_45_17_Pro

Digital Camera

Digital Camera


Digital Camera

Digital Camera


Digital Camera

Digital Camera


Digital Camera

Digital Camera


Digital Camera

Digital Camera


Digital Camera

Digital Camera


Digital Camera

Digital Camera



WIN_20220416_15_38_25_Pro Pecos Sound System is gathering a few New / Old Vinyl to show case at http://www..hud-1speth.ecrator,com stop by to visit all the items the sellers offer. WIN_20211102_14_39_31_ProWIN_20211025_16_24_58_ProWIN_20210408_10_12_48_Pro

SKA 4-08 WIN_20210327_08_41_49_ProWIN_20210419_14_03_51_Pro

Pecos Sound System has added a new category at it will be featuring Rap Hip-Hop Dance Club 12″ Vinyl Records. WIN_20211110_15_58_45_ProWIN_20211031_16_23_32_ProWIN_20211102_12_29_22_ProWIN_20211110_17_26_59_Pro

All Genre Vinyl Will Br Added Over Time at if some of items are interesting to you contact Kid Pecos so that it can be added. WIN_20211110_15_57_08_ProWIN_20211110_16_02_59_ProWIN_20210327_08_46_04_ProWIN_20210314_18_43_34_Pro

Kid Pecos is working under the new category of Rap Hip-Hop Dance Club 12″ Vinyl Record. Pecos Sound System being an all genre vinyl Sound System studies, listens to, plays a lot of vinyl records for the sound quality & enjoyment of the music before playing for a crowdWIN_20200808_12_45_01_ProWIN_20210324_07_08_55_ProWIN_20210408_09_09_29_Proof listening to people or selling as an item. WIN_20211128_15_52_16_ProWIN_20211128_14_24_16_Pro WIN_20211128_15_11_58_Pro

Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System “J” a self expression for “Just” been on The Spread at The Old Ranch. Still working on some vinyl tune selections. Jarvis/Pecos Flea Market items for a Virtual World Wide Sell Off.  WIN_20220206_16_32_32_ProWIN_20220206_15_25_02_ProWIN_20220103_16_04_46_ProWIN_20200916_14_55_54_ProWIN_20211031_13_48_45_ProWIN_20191211_07_49_50_ProWIN_20201009_17_39_13_Pro
Kid Pecos Of @jarvisbootshine is Shining up My Boots with A Jarvis Boot Shine Process. A DJ / Selector needs o look Sharp & Clean to say Ones Best when performing, being around others. Reggae Dancehall Vinyl Records can seen for studying Sound System Vinyl at   


A Guess Sound System. Silver Enforcer Reggae Dancehall Sound System with DJ Silver Enforcer will be showcased in future Post. WIN_20200716_06_45_19_ProWIN_20211031_16_17_21_ProWIN_20211012_14_24_52_ProWIN_20210904_17_05_08_ProWIN_20211009_16_52_11_Pro 

Kid Pecos has laid the foundation With The Love Of God To Go Forward With The World Wide Virtual Vinyl Jarvis/Pecos Flea Market Sell Off. Soon Pecos Sound System will be leaving the Old Ranch. Bringing the Vinyl Sounds to New Playing Grounds (Cities, Towns) for Musical Showcases. WIN_20220219_15_57_03_ProWIN_20220221_14_51_47_ProWIN_20200809_19_08_27_Pro

The Soap Kid Pecos used in the Summer Of 2020 still has my Hands becoming very Sore & Painful. The Thoughts for Sound, God keeps Pecos Sound System on The Go. WIN_20220221_16_33_20_ProWIN_20220220_15_37_40_ProHud-1Speth new Category at with some Pecos/Jarvis Flea Market Items. WIN_20220221_14_45_51_ProWIN_20211212_15_40_32_Pro 

SKA 12-12 WIN_20211219_13_51_06_ProWIN_20200617_15_05_11_Pro

An Item Shipped Out In The Virtual World Wide Sell Off. Thanks,. WIN_20220103_15_17_46_ProWIN_20220221_16_31_26_Pro

Pecos Sound System has gathered in some vinyl records, soon they will be Blasted or (Played For Sound Quality) than listed on the sets. WIN_20220227_16_15_33_ProWIN_20220227_16_40_19_ProWIN_20220129_14_43_00_ProWIN_20211009_15_44_06_Pro

SKA 9-15 WIN_20210417_16_07_34_Pro

SKA 4-17 WIN_20211031_13_52_10_ProWIN_20220227_15_21_59_ProWIN_20190718_07_32_42_Pro

About kidpecos

Pecos Sound System plays a vinyl music sound featured around the memories of the music whiling being a youth until now. Kid Pecos of Pecos Sound System has a lot of vinyl records for those searching for that special selection for your set, or listening groove. You can contact me with interest at pecossoundsystem@reggaetrain Thanks for passing to your guilding selecta Kid Pecos

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