Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System Is Resting At The Old Ranch While Playing An All Vinyl Genre Mix Pecos Sound With TL Sound Reggae Dancehall Is Playing Crucial Selections Kutchie Love The Sound From Up Above Arrives From Down The Way With A Dance Club Set Jarvis Disco Pecos Disco Remains Into Older Artist Jarvis Flea Market, Pecos Flea Market Goes Virtual With A World Wide Item Listing

Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System while at the Old Ranch will be listing new All Genre Vinyl on the grooves (Sites) for 2021. Each Site will offer a specialty of items. Pecos Sound along with the others will be updating Reggae Selection With The Vibes That Help To Create Pecos Sound System. Kid Pecos is working on thoughts for Vinyl updates to the Groves (sites). Now Pecos Sound System will add some thoughts. Pecos Sound System will be working to add items for a world wide virtual sell.

Pecos Sound System With Jarvis Boot Shine

Jarvis Boot Shine

Pecos Sound System Stylee

Pecos Sound System

Pecos Sound System jarvisbootshine

(Kid Pecos Hands Got Infected) WIN_20200722_15_35_25_Pro WIN_20201025_16_50_59_Pro

Digital Camera

Pecos Sound System

Digital Camera

Jarvis Boot

Pecos Sound Big Joe On Joe Frasier Reggae Label

Pecos Sound System Stylee

Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System

Pecos Sound System

Pecos Sound System All Genre Vinyl Set

Pecos Sound System Stylee

Pecos Sound System

Pecos Sound – Top Ranking Reggae Label

Pecos Sound System will be working on some Reggae Dancehall Selections.

TL Sound Reggae Dancehall

Kid Pecos Pecos Sound System

Kid Pecos – Jarvis Boot Shine

Jarvis / Pecos Flea Market Item

Pecos Sound System – TL Sound Reggae Dancehall

Pecos Sound System – Jarvis Flea Market Item

Pecos Sound System – jarvisbootshine

Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound

Pecos Sound – Everton Blender Warmonger Man

Pecos Sound System

Jarvis Flea Markey

Pecos Sound System – The Vibes Of Jarvis Boot Shine

Pecos Sound System – The Vibes Of TL Sound Reggae Dancehall (Tony Tuff)

Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System With Jarvis Boot Shine adds a few items. WIN_20210321_09_17_30_ProWIN_20210321_08_33_58_Pro

Pecos Sound System Vinyl Collection A Classical Selection


Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System. Pecos Sound System With Jarvis Boot Shine Adds A Few Tunes Boots, Shoes, Items.

Digital Camera

Pecos Sound System Classical Vinyl Collection 


Pecos Sound System Reggae Dancehall Selection


Kid Pecos With Jarvis Boot Shine
Pecos Sound System Stylee

Pecos Sound System is working to work on new styles.  WIN_20210329_09_01_48_Pro Lile with playing vinyl, collecting vinyl records & items for Jarvis / Pecos Flea Market it takes work.


Pecos Sound System will keep working on new selections in this style.. WIN_20210329_07_31_05_Pro Check Back For updates you never know what Kid Pecos may select. 


So Pecos Sound System is the go. WIN_20210322_08_24_15_Pro

Kid Pecos works on playing a few grooves. WIN_20210325_08_14_44_Pro



Kid Pecos hand got infected.

Now Pecos Sound System is studying a few styles or genres of vinyl. WIN_20210327_08_35_32_Pro 

TL Sound Reggae Dancehall With @jarvisbootshine WIN_20210325_09_06_25_Pro

Calypso Older Press Island Music Genre Style. 


The Happy Old Days Of Pecos Sound System. WIN_20210330_20_08_23_Pro

An (OUT OF STOCK Print) From Jarvis / Pecos Flea Market. WIN_20210329_07_31_14_ProWIN_20210325_07_50_16_ProWIN_20210321_08_14_15_ProWIN_20210329_08_09_09_Pro

Studying all of the thoughts for the next part of the Journey, from the past Journeys. WIN_20210321_07_18_22_Pro 

Pecos Sound System. WIN_20210109_19_06_32_Pro

Digital Camera

Pecos Sound System Reggae Dancehall Vinyl 



Pecos Sound System is revisiting All Genre Vinyl Selections. A Sound Or Dj (JA) Reggae Term Selector has to find a few selections out the Collection or records 1 may have to find some that fit or Kid Pecos says “Fall Together”, WIN_20210323_07_21_23_ProWIN_20210323_08_34_53_ProWIN_20210109_18_58_07_ProWIN_20210327_08_45_45_Pro


A Few Selections from Pecos Sound System Vinyl Collection WIN_20210325_08_51_33_Pro


Kid Pecos hand got infected. 

Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System now is studying a few Genres Of Vinyl. A Sound System DJ can have lots of vinyl the DJ or Selector has not played for listening. With older selections they are enjoyable to hear. A Collection from the 1950’s 1960’s can place you back to time Era of the   




While Out And ()Debout) or on the Go Collecting A DJ CAN Find Some Nice (Heavy) Older Phrase For Great or Wonderful, New, Interesting Vinyl Items. WIN_20210406_13_26_06_Pro A Selection Of Older Vinyl Similar To Thoughts Of Enjoyable Listening. WIN_20210408_09_31_40_Pro


Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System Fingers Had Painful )Blisters) 


Kid Pecos with jarvisbootshine start a Shine process. WIN_20210408_11_20_53_ProWIN_20210408_11_11_57_ProWIN_20210408_09_06_37_Pro


Pecos Sound System – Top Rank (Reggae Label) Above. WIN_20210408_11_37_20_ProWIN_20200716_06_07_36_Pro 

Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System Infected Hand. WIN_20210408_08_40_18_ProWIN_20210408_08_52_23_ProWIN_20210408_08_10_39_ProWIN_20210408_08_23_34_ProWIN_20210408_11_12_20_ProWIN_20210408_10_29_10_ProWIN_20210408_11_12_55_ProWIN_20210408_09_08_45_Pro

Pecos Sound System is working on adding a few newer to Sound System Collection older Island Themed Tunes. The older a vinyl collection becomes each new item brings the sound more together as whole. WIN_20210325_07_32_02_ProWIN_20210408_09_04_59_ProWIN_20210324_08_25_17_Pro

Pecos Sound System Vibes From The History Starting Of Sound Thoughts. WIN_20210406_11_46_08_ProWIN_20210329_07_32_00_ProWIN_20210408_08_41_24_Pro

A Pecos / Jarvis Flea Market Item for the World World Wide Virtue Sell Item. WIN_20210324_07_22_21_ProWIN_20210128_19_17_42_ProWIN_20200719_06_45_47_Pro

Kid Pecos Hand Got Infected causing the skin to peel off.


Pecos Sound System Live Bongo Music Performance.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Pecos Sound System Story Of History  


Pecos Sound System is playing a few Genre Of Vinyl Selections.  WIN_20200606_11_32_58_ProWIN_20190425_07_36_17_ProWIN_20210410_16_11_22_ProWIN_20190721_16_53_10_ProWIN_20190711_08_10_29_ProWIN_20210410_12_21_41_Pro

A Pecos / Jarvis Flea Market Item. A Two Sided Print, Photo, Poster. WIN_20210410_12_25_19_ProWIN_20200727_09_24_17_Pro

Pecos Sound System Infected Hand. WIN_20210410_12_50_19_Pro

A Sound System Can Use, Receive Some Specials & Promotional Copies Of Vinyl. This helps all in the promotion a sound, artist, label. These are good for introducing new artist, songs, specials for a sound, labels. WIN_20210329_08_28_33_ProWIN_20190805_09_37_55_ProWIN_20210413_15_16_48_ProWIN_20190413_09_15_22_ProWIN_20190411_10_14_57_ProWIN_20200406_07_29_33_ProWIN_20200622_19_28_50_Pro

A Pecos/Jarvis Flea Market Item. WIN_20210321_07_05_35_ProWIN_20210413_15_27_05_ProWIN_20200716_06_07_40_Pro 

Pecos Sound System Hand Got Infected. WIN_20210413_15_20_13_ProWIN_20200830_13_13_58_ProWIN_20210413_14_53_13_ProWIN_20200825_09_17_00_ProWIN_20210413_14_51_16_Pro

Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System.

Some of this Pecos Sound System photos this set feature material from a Television And Radio School At Home Study Program. WIN_20210410_12_50_23_ProWIN_20210414_18_16_00_ProWIN_20210414_18_09_49_ProWIN_20190411_22_31_18_Pro

Pecos Sound System is adding items for the Virtue World Sell Off. Vinyl Older Classical Records are a nice Music for listening to. Kid Pecos once was in a Classical Music Course. The Instructor told the class That We Should Listen To Classical Music. In the class room he play some some Classical Records. This memory stays into The Pecos Sound System. WIN_20210322_08_23_23_Pro  

Pecos Sound System with jarvisbootshine. WIN_20210417_18_23_04_ProWIN_20210417_18_27_33_ProWIN_20210417_16_06_59_Pro 

A Jarvis/Pecos Flea Market Item. WIN_20210417_16_06_11_ProWIN_20210417_18_14_35_ProWIN_20210417_15_27_55_ProWIN_20210417_15_08_19_ProWIN_20210417_16_52_10_ProWIN_20200717_21_11_13_Pro

Pecos Sound System infected hand.

Pecos Sound System being an all Genre Vinyl Collector at times runs into Comedy Records. It seems to have been a popular Genre. 78 RPM there are some Comedy Release. In the 1970’s Comedy Records were played on radio stations, Mostly late at night. There are mixed styles from the 1950’s & 1960’s on LP’s. They are Fun or to say Funny to listen to. Slightly different than Movie Sound Tracks. WIN_20210419_13_29_37_ProWIN_20210419_13_31_20_ProWIN_20210419_12_47_09_ProWIN_20210419_12_30_48_ProWIN_20210419_14_18_58_ProWIN_20210419_14_07_17_ProWIN_20200719_21_26_53_ProWIN_20200719_21_25_31_ProWIN_20210419_14_35_18_Pro Pecos Sound System touched on a few Genres or Styles of Vinyl Music. When a Sound System is more Multi Style you can play a few sets of mixes, dances, enjoyableness of hearing. WIN_20210421_18_03_54_ProWIN_20210421_17_21_06_ProWIN_20210421_17_34_56_Pro  

Some New Vinyl From Pecos Sound System Collection. Pecos Sound System is Show Casing The Various Genres of Musical Styles Of Vinyl Records.


A Jarvis / Pecos Flea Item. WIN_20210419_14_33_49_Pro 

Pecos Sound System – jarvisbootshine. WIN_20200730_17_46_43_Pro

Kid Pecos Seemingly Glowing Infected Hand. WIN_20210421_16_30_45_Pro

Pecos Sound System is now studying a few sets of vinyl tunes for showcasing for an upcoming new dance. Jarvis / Pecos Flea Market will also be showcasing items for a Peaceful Thought while people Look at or Study them.WIN_20201220_17_07_14_ProWIN_20201025_18_24_52_ProWIN_20201218_20_23_58_ProWIN_20200825_09_10_18_ProWIN_20191226_06_54_32_ProWIN_20200406_07_49_09_ProWIN_20200903_13_22_42_ProWIN_20210505_17_36_14_ProWIN_20210505_17_02_54_Pro 

Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound With An infected Hand, Now Hand And Skin seems to be heeling, however the infection sees to be inside of my body. Time maybe running out for Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System. The World Wide Vinyl Goes On until the end. WIN_20210330_20_27_18_Pro 

A Set Of Reggae Dancehall 7″ Shipped To A New York Area DJ / Sound System. WIN_20210511_18_00_46_ProWIN_20210511_18_33_33_Pro

A Guest DJ / Sound System – Silver Enforcer Reggae Dancehall Vinyl Sound System With DJ Silver Enforcer. WIN_20210511_17_37_08_ProWIN_20200718_09_49_46_ProWIN_20210505_17_05_04_ProWIN_20210511_19_27_40_ProWIN_20210505_17_03_35_Pro

Pecos Sound System.

Pecos Sound System Vinyl Collection. WIN_20210512_19_31_14_ProWIN_20210512_19_24_35_ProWIN_20210511_17_27_35_ProWIN_20200715_10_51_21_ProWIN_20210512_19_49_33_ProWIN_20210504_18_00_32_ProWIN_20210512_20_04_56_ProWIN_20210512_19_24_59_ProWIN_20210511_18_01_06_Pro 

Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System Plays A Classic. WIN_20200903_12_06_43_ProWIN_20191013_16_50_18_ProWIN_20190415_18_36_21_ProWIN_20190416_08_05_23_Pro


Ska 10-16

Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System plays an genre vinyl mix.


Ska Set 07-05


Pecos / Jarvis Flea Market Item Ska 06-22.


Ska 05-31


Kid Pecos Infected Hand Ska 7.

Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System rides out a wave of the World Wide Vinyl – Jarvis / Pecos Flea Market Collectable Vintage Virtue Items Sale Off. WIN_20210703_17_06_01_ProWIN_20210703_17_10_57_Pro WIN_20210703_17_08_58_ProWIN_20201009_17_29_45_ProWIN_20200718_09_46_40_Pro

Pecos Sound System is now selling all genre vinyl at stop by to see some that are listed. WIN_20210419_14_07_26_Pro  Ska # 4-19 WIN_20190805_09_20_50_Pro


Pecos Sound System Foundational Roots. WIN_20191110_19_03_16_Pro



SKA #9-19 WIN_20210812_17_11_19_Pro

Digital Camera

Digital Camera


SKA #9-19


Digital Camera

Pecos Sound System – Hud1-Speth


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