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Kid Pecos With The Clouds Of Heaven & Playing Kutchie Love The Sound From Up Above A Dance Vinyl Set Travels Back By The Greatest Place On Earth With Pecos Sound – TL Sound Reggae Dancehall – Jarvis Disco – Pecos Disco Holding Down The Music Vibes For All Genre Crew

Greetings Crew Kid Pecos of Pecos Sound System goes back towards the Greatest Place on Earth the Grand Canyon Jacobs Lake Arizona Area. albums_covers4151 Kid Pecos is studying a few new vinyl sounds. albums_covers4075 Check back for updates in the other grooves for the vinyl selections to be added. albums_covers4215 Kid Pecos is working on a few genres of vinyl, formats. At times a DJ or Sound System, vinyl collector can find some tunes that help to makes sense of or to say :Add To A Sound or Vinyl Collection” going through tunes can do this to. With maby vinyl tubes it can be a year or so before you can get re visit some mixes. Sort of any to a few 7″ for Kutchie Love The Sound From Up  Above albums_covers4098 sort of mixed in now is some Pecos Disco Spanish Latin Vinyl albums_covers4116 a nice clean sound also some solid classic Country albums_covers4059 right now the Crowds at the Dances or bouncing to an all genre Disco including OLDIES’ albums_covers4083 at http://www.kutchielove.wordpress.com you can see a wave of Mixed Genre vinyl with a slight Disco Mix.albums_covers4085albums_covers4058albums_covers4084albums_covers4051albums_covers4119albums_covers4121albums_covers4124albums_covers4126 Kid Pecos with a few waves of All Genre Vinyl playing a Dance vibe with an Older Disco Era Music. albums_covers4573albums_covers4577 Still adding a few Bulk all genre vinyl sell off. With http://www.pecosdisco.wordpress.com you will see a sort of all genre style mix. albums_covers4941albums_covers4938albums_covers4947 With this groove the Older set with the Spanish Latin, Country, Soul Disco will be added. albums_covers4635albums_covers4907 (OUT OF STOCK)albums_covers4929 (OUT OF STOCK) With this groove the Older Movie Sound Track Dance All Genre Vinyl will be added.albums_covers4651 (OUT OF STOCK)albums_covers4657albums_covers4669albums_covers4690albums_covers4688albums_covers4662albums_covers4687albums_covers4679albums_covers4689albums_covers4698albums_covers4579albums_covers4518albums_covers4318 Kid Pecos will be working on a more Popular Hits Vinyl Genre at Jarvis Disco not quite sure how it will go, more a popular for the music fans that collect some of the better selling artist with the hits people remember. A sort of all genre vinyl mix in a Disco Era style going up to the Mid early 2000’s. albums_covers3552albums_covers3339albums_covers3340albums_covers3281albums_covers3554 Here at http://www.jarvisdisco.wordpress.com you can study vinyl under letters for the must part and Reggae under (R)albums_covers3348albums_covers3233albums_covers3363albums_covers3544albums_covers3347albums_covers3546albums_covers3354albums_covers3426albums_covers3349albums_covers3459albums_covers3476albums_covers3480albums_covers3353albums_covers3224albums_covers3379albums_covers3211albums_covers3387albums_covers3143albums_covers3780 albums_covers3326albums_covers3780 albums_covers3380albums_covers3161 Kid Pecos will be adding TL Sound Reggae Dancehall vinyl at the http://www.pecossound.com main focus of Reggae Dancehall Sound System Vinyl. A bit of an style mix format. Like with other genres newer selections sort of make sense of older tunes. For reggae they seem to make Pecos Sound original sound say records from 1979′ to 1997′ was the main 1st sound. Next set falls in that late 1990’s to 2012′ maybe a wave beyond that for the next years dances. Picture 1256 Still all genre will be added like here on Pecos Sound System. Picture 375Picture 397Picture 449Picture 928Picture 539Picture 1147Picture 1256Picture 1249Picture 1376Picture 1395Picture 1393Picture 1024Picture 1423Picture 1419Picture 1425Picture 1386Picture 1401Picture 1117Picture 1410Picture 976Picture 709Picture 710Picture 1325Picture 1154Picture 968Picture 937Picture 1338Picture 1272Picture 1424Picture 1388Picture 1396Picture 490Picture 1350Picture 689Picture 1167Picture 1341 Kid Pecos will be working on the type of genre shown. Pecos Jarvis Flea Market is mostly working on books. It is good to read books when playing LP’s or cassette tapes. albums_covers4785 The old way to make solid mixes for 60 Minutes – 2 Hours of music was to record a few tunes to a tape for a longer play dance play time. albums_covers4493albums_covers3050albums_covers3042albums_covers3115albums_covers3130albums_covers3174albums_covers3201albums_covers3556 Kutchhie Love The Sound From Up Above will be playing 78 RPM selections. albums_covers3557albums_covers3589albums_covers3590albums_covers3594albums_covers3602albums_covers3697albums_covers3709albums_covers3687albums_covers3803albums_covers3801albums_covers3992albums_covers3995albums_covers3999 Kid Pecos with Jarvis Boot Shine will be handling all Boot Shines, Shoe Shines once Naobi Shoe Salon did Cobbler work now just shines at http://www.jarvisbootshine.wordpress.com you can send all your Exotic Leather Boot Shoes for an expert shine for more info contact jarvisbootshine@live.com or visit Jarvis Boot Shine link. Picture 571 (OUT OF STOCK)Picture 583 (OUT OF STOCK)Picture 585 (OUT OF STOCK)Picture 586 (OUT OF STOCK) Picture 756  (OUT OF STOCK)Picture 769Picture 801Picture 800Picture 804Picture 805Picture 819Picture 1190Picture 1192Picture 1194Picture 1205Picture 1210albums_covers3416albums_covers3417albums_covers3418albums_covers3419albums_covers3420albums_covers3421 Kid Pecos Grey Refurbished Boots. To end the Dance Kid Pecos Term New Orleans Boots Hud-2 vinyl photos 5244Hud-2 vinyl photos 5247Hud-2 vinyl photos 5249

Kid Pecos Of WWW.PECOSSOUNDSYSTEM.COM Thanks For Migrating To The Massive Show In Area Along Side WWW.TLSOUNDREGGAEDANCEHALL.COM

Hud-2 vinyl photos 215Hud-2 vinyl photos 221Hud-2 vinyl photos 211Kid Pecos thanks all crew for hitting the New Mexico set. Nough, nough love to all. Check out http://www.twitter.com/tlsoundreggae at  http://www.tlsoundreggaedancehall.com for more info on music runnins’. Hud-2 vinyl photos 709  A few photo memories over the years. These are are the people, family, places over the years that helped to make Kid Pecos of pecossoundsystem to be what it is now.Hud-2 vinyl photos 271THE 5th DIMENSION label: Flash Back Records title: Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In & Up-Up And AwayHud-2 vinyl photos 275Hud-2 vinyl photos 276Hud-2 vinyl photos 277Hud-2 vinyl photos 278LIONEL RICHIE label: Motown Yesterday Series title: Truly / You Are year: 1982′  Hud-2 vinyl photos 245Hud-2 vinyl photos 244Hud-2 vinyl photos 246Hud-2 vinyl photos 247Hud-2 vinyl photos 248BLUE SWEDE label: EMI title: Hooked On A Feeling / Gotta Have Your LoveHud-2 vinyl photos 249 year: 1973′Hud-2 vinyl photos 628Hud-2 vinyl photos 629Hud-2 vinyl photos 630Hud-2 vinyl photos 633Hud-2 vinyl photos 632Hud-2 vinyl photos 627Hud-2 vinyl photos 631Hud-2 vinyl photos 1040Hud-2 vinyl photos 1041The Grass Roots label: Dunhill Records ABC Records title: Glory Bound  / Only One year: 1971′ 72′Hud-2 vinyl photos 1043Hud-2 vinyl photos 1044Hud-2 vinyl photos 1045Hud-2 vinyl photos 1046Hud-2 vinyl photos 1047Hud-2 vinyl photos 309

Hud-2 vinyl photos 768Hud-2 vinyl photos 769Hud-2 vinyl photos 770Linda Jones label: Loma title: What’VE I Done Too Make You Mad /Make Me Surrender(Baby Baby Please)Hud-2 vinyl photos 771Hud-2 vinyl photos 772Hud-2 vinyl photos 773Hud-2 vinyl photos 774Hud-2 vinyl photos 775Hud-2 vinyl photos 876Hud-2 vinyl photos 386Hud-2 vinyl photos 387Hud-2 vinyl photos 389Hud-2 vinyl photos 388Hud-2 vinyl photos 406Hud-2 vinyl photos 405Hud-2 vinyl photos 380Hud-2 vinyl photos 408Hud-2 vinyl photos 409Bee Gees label:RSO side A: Stayin’ Alive side B: If I Can’t Have You year: 1977′(Jamaica Press) Hud-2 vinyl photos 410Hud-2 vinyl photos 379Hud-2 vinyl photos 411Hud-2 vinyl photos 412Hud-2 vinyl photos 413Jimmy Briscoe And The Little Beavers label: Pi Kappa Records side A: My Ebony Princess side B: (Theme From) My Ebony Princess year: 1973′ 74′ New Jersey pressedHud-2 vinyl photos 414Hud-2 vinyl photos 888Hud-2 vinyl photos 889Hud-2 vinyl photos 890Hud-2 vinyl photos 891Hud-2 vinyl photos 892Hud-2 vinyl photos 893Hud-2 vinyl photos 894Hud-2 vinyl photos 897Hud-2 vinyl photos 898Hud-2 vinyl photos 356Hud-2 vinyl photos 358 Hud-2 vinyl photos 357Hud-2 vinyl photos 359Hud-2 vinyl photos 347Hud-2 vinyl photos 946Chairman Of The Board label: Invictus title: Bittersweet / Elmo James year: 1972′  U.K. pressHud-2 vinyl photos 512Hud-2 vinyl photos 513Hud-2 vinyl photos 514Hud-2 vinyl photos 515Hud-2 vinyl photos 516Dionne Warwicke And Spinners label: Atlantic side A: Then Came You / side B: Just As Long As We Have Love year: 1974′  Canada PressHud-2 vinyl photos 517Hud-2 vinyl photos 518Hud-2 vinyl photos 519Hud-2 vinyl photos 519Hud-2 vinyl photos 475Hud-2 vinyl photos 476Hud-2 vinyl photos 477Hud-2 vinyl photos 478Hud-2 vinyl photos 479 Hud-2 vinyl photos 480Sylvia label: Vibration title: Stop Boy /Automatic Lover year: 1978′ U.K. hit Soul/DiscoHud-2 vinyl photos 611Hud-2 vinyl photos 612Hud-2 vinyl photos 613Hud-2 vinyl photos 614Hud-2 vinyl photos 615Hud-2 vinyl photos 616Hud-2 vinyl photos 617Hud-2 vinyl photos 618Hud-2 vinyl photos 619Hud-2 vinyl photos 621Hud-2 vinyl photos 620Hud-2 vinyl photos 624Hud-2 vinyl photos 622Hud-2 vinyl photos 623Hud-2 vinyl photos 646Hud-2 vinyl photos 647Hud-2 vinyl photos 648Hud-2 vinyl photos 649Eddie Holloway label: Roaring 20’s side A: Slipping On My Love /I Am The One year: 1978′ OLDIES’Hud-2 vinyl photos 655Hud-2 vinyl photos 656Hud-2 vinyl photos 657Hud-2 vinyl photos 658Hud-2 vinyl photos 660Hud-2 vinyl photos 659Hud-2 vinyl photos 625Hud-2 vinyl photos 626Hud-2 vinyl photos 627Hud-2 vinyl photos 637Hud-2 vinyl photos 632Hud-2 vinyl photos 633Hud-2 vinyl photos 631Rannie Davis label: On Top Records side A: Holding on / side B: Version year: 1976′(Adapted)Hud-2 vinyl photos 661Hud-2 vinyl photos 662Hud-2 vinyl photos 663Hud-2 vinyl photos 664Hud-2 vinyl photos 665Hud-2 vinyl photos 666Hud-2 vinyl photos 636Hud-2 vinyl photos 637Hud-2 vinyl photos 638Hud-2 vinyl photos 639Skyy label: Sal Soul Records side A: Call Me / side B: When You Touch Me year: 1981′Hud-2 vinyl photos 673Hud-2 vinyl photos 674Hud-2 vinyl photos 675Hud-2 vinyl photos 676Hud-2 vinyl photos 677Hud-2 vinyl photos 676Hud-2 vinyl photos 678Hud-2 vinyl photos 678Thugs-N-Harmony label: Bone side A: Get Up & Get It feat. 3LW and Felcia (Radio Edit) side B: Instrumemental year: 2002′ Hud-2 vinyl photos 667Hud-2 vinyl photos 668Hud-2 vinyl photos 669Hud-2 vinyl photos 670Hud-2 vinyl photos 671Hud-2 vinyl photos 672  http://www.epicrecords.com http://www.ruthlessrecords.com  Hud-2 vinyl photos 628Hud-2 vinyl photos 7454

Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System Exits Next Stop Area

Hud-2 vinyl photos 192Hud-2 vinyl photos 128Hud-2 vinyl photos 184Picture 003 Hud-2 vinyl photos 183Hud-2 vinyl photos 223
Hud-2 vinyl photos 001Greetings Massive & Crew. Kid Pecos has been working on the latest mix. This set of singles fit under the special collection of a vinyl sound. Slightly different than the 1st Country Disco Mix. Check back for that last post. Many more selections go with that mix. Pecos Sound has started a whole new round. Kid Pecos has been going through Pecos Sound System vinyl inventory. Playing a groove keeps a DJ selector busy.  Soon Kid Pecos will be listing albums. 33.3 RPM vinyl records were popular in the 1950’s to the fading out time of late 1980’s early 1990’s on to the present. For all genre of tunes from @kidpecos check http://www.discogs.com/seller/pec foe a wide selection of tunes.  At http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/pecossoundsystemvinylcollector you can  join in. Now the mix slightly different.Hud-2 vinyl photos 066#1 Emmy Lou Harris label:Reprise Records title: If I Could Win Your Love / Builder To Birmingham year: 1975′                                                             #2 Sly & The Family Stone label: Epic title:   Fun / Hot Fun In The SummertimeHud-2 vinyl photos 069Hud-2 vinyl photos 068 #3 Hamilton Bohannon label: Dakar title: Disco Hud-2 vinyl photos 071Stomp(Part 1) / Disco StomHud-2 vinyl photos 070p(Part 2) year: 1975′Hud-2 vinyl photos 073 #4 Crystal Gayle label: United Hud-2 vinyl photos 074 Artist title: It’s All Right With Me / Don’t Make My Brown Eyes Blue year: 1977′                                                                                                                                            #5 Flamingos label: Checker title: Would I Be Crying / Just A Kick  Hud-2 vinyl photos 082Hud-2 vinyl photos 083                                                                                            #6 Jerryo label: $tateside 45 title: Karate-Boo-Ga-Loo / The PearlHud-2 vinyl photos 081Hud-2 vinyl photos 080 #7 Hamilton Bohannon label: Dakar title: South African Man(pt.1) / Have A Nice Day year: 1974  Hud-2 vinyl photos 076Hud-2 vinyl photos 075 #8 Fantastic Four labHud-2 vinyl photos 221Hud-2 vinyl photos 339Hud-2 vinyl photos 220el: Atlantic title: Hide / Took Show On The Road year: 1976′ JA PressHud-2 vinyl photos 341Hud-2 vinyl photos 213Hud-2 vinyl photos 214Hud-2 vinyl photos 212 #9 Roshell Anderson label: Sunburst title: Know What You’re Doing When You Leave / Jesse Boone & The Astros No Particular One year: 1973′                                                                                                                                                                                                            #10 Tyrone Davis label: Dakar  title: After All This Time / Come And Get THud-2 vinyl photos 211his Ring year: 1972′  #11 Solomon King label: $tateside 45 title: She WeHud-2 vinyl photos 329ars My Ring / She Wears My Ring year: 1967′Hud-2 vinyl photos 334Hud-2 vinyl photos 335Hud-2 vinyl photos 337Hud-2 vinyl photos 336 #12 Wayne Fontana & The Mindenders label: Fontana title: Game Of Love / One More Time year: 1965′Hud-2 vinyl photos 124Hud-2 vinyl photos 126Hud-2 vinyl photos 125Hud-2 vinyl photos 123 #13 Marvin Gaye label: TamlaHud-2 vinyl photos 130 title: I’M Crazy BHud-2 vinyl photos 129out My Baby / Can’t I Get A WitnessHud-2 vinyl photos 127Hud-2 vinyl photos 121 #14 THE SPINNERS   label: Atlantic title: I’LL Be Around /How Could I Let You Get Away year: 1972′ Jamaica Press Hud-2 vinyl photos 122                                                             #15  AL COOLIE AND THE VIPES                                                                                          Al Coolie And The Vips label: VIP Records title: Just My Imagination / Money Runner  Hud-2 vinyl photos 181Hud-2 vinyl photos 183Hud-2 vinyl photos 180Hud-2 vinyl photos 182 # 16 The Babys label: Chrysalis title: Silver Dreams / And If You Could See Me Fly year: 1977′Hud-2 vinyl photos 189Hud-2 vinyl photos 188 #17 Roberta Flack label: Atlantic title: Killing Hud-2 vinyl photos 197Hud-2 vinyl photos 199Hud-2 vinyl photos 196Me Softly With His Song / Just Like A Woman year: 1973′Hud-2 vinyl photos 190Hud-2 vinyl photos 194 #18 Dion label: Laurie title: The Dolphins / Purple Haze year: 1969′ (PSYCH)Hud-2 vinyl photos 191Hud-2 vinyl photos 195Hud-2 vinyl photos 201Hud-2 vinyl photos 202Hud-2 vinyl photos 203Hud-2 vinyl photos 204Hud-2 vinyl photos 205 #19 Marvin Gaye label: Tamila title: A Funky Space Reincarnation(Part 1) / A Funky Space Reincarnation(Part 2) year: 1979′

Kid Pecos of Pecos Sound System Offers A Free Set Of Vinyl Records

When a vinyl enthusiast goes out searching for vinyl records you can find some in various state of condition. Maybe some like the set of Solid Tunes, with only sleeves, some with only covers, sometimes you can find only vinyl. Maybe they might have 2 in 1 cover. After a while a dj can have like @kidpecos calls loose vinyl. This is good for mixing a set sound. Sort of jumpy cuts, with more than average noise. Some part of the vinyl is playable. A good mixing style can be created around what the selector likes. So with the free Kid Pecos will list a set of loose vinyl for mixing. For the entire free package I simply ask that you simply be able to to play the vinyl, to write a comment about the whole process. In regards to your involvement with vinyl, sound system. The sound quality any info regarding the condition. Be a vinyl record person so that when you receive the records write a comment on to http://www.pecossoundsystem.com under 1 of the main titles that you can choose 5 records from.                                    THIS IS THE WAY IT CAN GO:   #1 start with the new list you can choose 3 of the loose vinyl for mixing the above condition applies. Also with this set Kid Pecos will be listing 7 singles while they last.  Choose from this list to ad to your mix. #2 choose 5 records from 1 of the main titles. This is where you can post your comment #3 after you receive the tunes of interest leave a comment. This will last until 1 each of the main titles are gone. Loose vinyl, singles are limited to first come first served. Limited supply. Kid Pecos does have a few more favored to part with loose vinyl I will later be listing after I see how the first wave goes. To learn how to receive your free vinyl simply send me an email at pecossoundsystem@reggaetrain.com or pecossound@islandmix.com so that Kid Pecos can explain the best way to receive your free vinyl(While Supplies Last). You will need to send a self addressed envelope to the address Kid Pecos will give you in the email. With place that you will be able to receive the items requested. Once accepted I ask for your patience in receiving the items due to budget, shipping cost. All the accepted winners will get free vinyl. Thank You                                                    LOOSE VINYL. #1 artist: Samuel label: side A Open Your Eyes  side B Don’t Set Me Free year: 1988′ dj mark on lael. #2 The DBC  label: special picture a1 Finally a2 Finally Inst. dj note on label. #3 artist:  Mental Distortion label: Andre Nalin title: Dark Armies side A 1 Invasion Mix 2 Bonazai’s Mix title: OZ side B 1 Exploration Mix 2 Nowling Mix year: 1993′ dj mark on label. #4 artist: Trip Ta Funk label: Ultra Ethereal side A 1 Here I Come Baby 2 Here I Come Baby(Sunshine Remix) side B Vegetable Garden year: 1997′ 45RPM dj mark on label. #5 artist: The Flirts label: O records side 1 We Just Want Ti Dance(Dance Edit) side 2 We Just Want To Dance believe classic 80’s sound dj mark a little scratched. #6 title Cocktail Original Motion Picture Soundtrack label: Elektra year: 1988′ replaced plastic sleeve. #7 title: The Mix Factor 4 artist 2 of mostly to jumpy artist: Shakedown At Night is best. #8 artist: Ascuk 12 RHC feat. Plavka label: white label Import 33RPM DJ mark. #9 artist: Seduction label: A & M Records 4 mixes of ( You’re My One And Only Love)True Love year: 1989′ 80’s classic sound. #10 artist: Young & Restless label: white label promo Pandisc side  pgA Yoke The Damn Thing(Locomotion) Radio Edit/Club/Dub/Album year: 1991′ Miami,Florida sound dj mark. #11 artist: The Latin  Maggots  label: Pandisc song Oh Uno, Tre Four / DXJ And The Miami Bass Mob 2 mixes of Do You Want To Rock 1 side is a little jumpy for mixing.    With the loose vinyl selection @kidpecos has singles stated. Singles Kid Pecos has not gone into them as to how they fit a sound or, my musical interest. Most of these titles are disco singles, club singles, full albums for listening to dj’ing a single song. These are the solo songs. Popular from the start of vinyl. These are sort of mixed genre. 2 are listed in the Dance set. These 2 are more plain sleeve. All of these are in plain sleeves. Quality is solid. Only loose, stated as more for mixing jump more than average vinyl records. #1 artist: Whitney Houston label: Arista promo SIDE 1 Try It On My Own side 2 Try It On My Own(Thunderpulse) year: 2002′ 2003′. #2 artist: Al Collie And The Vips label: Vip Records songs Just My Imagination / Money Runner classic reggae soul mix artist band. #3 artist: The Emotions label: Columbia songs: I Don’t Want To Lose Your Love / Flowers year: 1976′. #4 artist: Mariah Carey label: Columbia song: Thank God I Found You featuring Joe & 98′ year: 1999′. #5 artist: Glady’s Knight & The Pips label: Buddah songs: The One And Only / Pipe Dreams #6 artist: The Archies label: Kirshner songs: Over And Over /Sunshine year: 1969′ #7 artist: Liberty Silver label: EAD  side A The Sweetest Thing To Me side B Instrumental Version year: 1983′(Canada press slight jump side B). #8 artist: The Donnas  label: Atlantic songs: Who Invited You /Play My Game year: 2001′(plain sleeve) #9 artist: Zebrahead label: Columbia songs: Check / Get Back year: 1998′(plain sleeve). #10 artist: Michael Jackson label: Tamla Motown side A: Ben side B You Can Cry On My Shoulder year: 1971′ 1972′(plain sleeve).                                              Kid Pecos @kidpecos updates the loose vinyl. This can add to the mix of tunes to choose from.#12 artist: April label: Triple J Records side A Club Mix(San Jose Style) Radio Edit side B  Instrumental Dis Special Dub(Jersy Style) year: 1987′ dj mark. #13 artist: Regina label: Atlantic song: Extraordinary Love(Club Mix)(Dub Mix) year 1988′ dj mark. #14 artist: Cherrelle label: Tabu  song: I Didn’t Mean To Turn You ON with Instrumental year: 1984′ classic early 80’s artist dance sound.#15 artist: Shady Produced by Mr.C.  label: SouthPaw  Records songs: Shady with mixes /Got what It Takes With Mixes year: 2001′ Rap/Hip-Hop. #16 artist: Tony Lorenzo label: Nasty Mix Records side A Destiny(Groove Mix)(Destiny Mix) year: 1987′ classic 80’s mixing sound dj mark. #17 artist: Orr-Some label: Debut side A We Can Make It(The Hardcore Remix)(The Hardcore Dub) UK Press 45RPM. #17 artist: Jermaine Stewart label: Arista  song: We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes  Off year: 1985′ classic 80’s artist 1985′ hit song. #18 artist: Gerardo label: Interscope Records song: Rico Sauve 4 mixes year: 1990′ dj mark. #19 artist: Lloyd Banks label: G Unit produced by Eminem & Kwame title: Warrior / On Fire year: 2004′ dj mark. #20 artist: The Coastal Commission label: Pacific Traxx song: Departure(Usual Suspects Bass & Drum Mix).  #20 artist: Jay Williams label: Big Beat song: It’s Over 4 mixes #1 Original Vox Mix #2  Deep Raw Mix #3 Classic Club Mix #4 Komix Dub year: 1992′. #21 artist: Berlin label: Geffen Records side 1 No More Words(Dance Mix) side 2 Dancing In Berlin(Dancing Remix) year: 1984′ classic hit sound Group Berlin 45RPM dj mark.                Kid Pecos finishing up a Midland TX jam session with a few more loose vinyl. #22 artist: Damia label: Xtatic Records title: More than a filling 3 mixes / Do Your Thang year: 1999′ Advanced Copy  dj mark.#23 artist: Groove Theory label: Epic song: Tell Me Why 3 mixes year:1995′ dj mark. #24 artist: Vengaboys label: Groovilicious title: We Like To Party 4 mixes year: 1998′ dj mark. #25 artist: OMD label: Euro-Mixx title One Mad Day Mix parts 1 & 2 year 1991′ dj mark. #26 artist: John Tejada label: Mosiac title: Song Forms & Freedom EP  dj mark songs have to advance to next song each side. Kid Pecos along side Tiny Tim Tony Tiny Midland Crew closes out free loose vinyl set. #27 artist: Freeze featuring John Rocco label: Criminal Records song: I Want It To Be Real 4 mixes year: 1987′ classic late 80’s artist sound dj mark 45RPM.  #28 artist: Good 2 Go label: Giant song: Never Satisfied 4 mixes year: 1992′ solid 90’s artist dance sound dj mark. #29 artist: Breakdown label: Watch It Records song: Oooh…That’s My Song 4 mixes year: 1995′ club dance tune vibes dj mark. #30 artist: Ray Luv label: Young Black Brotha / Atlantic side A In The Game 3 mixes side B In The Game /Definition Of Ah Hustla. This ends this wave of loose vinyl. I will add a few more along the journey. Different mixes of tunes similar to the titles.

Top Artist Of The 1980’s To The Early 1990’s Vinyl Dance Pop Hit Songs

This post is a new set of tunes. These all have covers. Some have the original sleeves others only the covers. Over the many years of putting together pecos sound system I have all kinds of vinyl records. Studying sounds with dj’s it seems like some may carry in up to 500 are more cuts. A sound system or a dj needs to have many different selections. Sometimes the party people can hear the genre or artist and may ask for 1 special song. I sort of say better to have to many cuts than not enough to keep the energy going. Here are a few tunes mainly falling under the title above. #1 artist: Madonna label: Sire songs: side 1 Papa Don’t Preach (Extended Remix) side 2 Pretender (LP Version) year: 1984′ picture on cover no sleeve. #2 artist E.G. Daily label AM song: Say It, Say It year: 1985′ picture on cover original sleeve dj mark on vinyl cover is worn slightly. #3 artist Culture Club label: Virgin songs: side 1 Miss Me Blind/It’s A Miracle (Extended Dance Re-mix) side 2 Colour By Numbers year: 1983′ picture on cover no sleeve vinyl has surface marks from heavy dj play. #4 artist: The Untouchables label: NCA Records song: side 1 Freak In The Street (Extended Version) side 2 Freak In The Street #1 Radio Edit #2 Instrumental Version #3 Un-Touch-Acappella Mix #4 Bonus Beats year: 1986′ picture on back side of the cover original sleeve sort of may have to find the best version to play. #5 artist: The Belle Stars label: Stiff Records songs: side 1 Mockingbird (Extended Version) side 2 Turn Back The Clock year: 1982′ pressed in England 2 different colored labels 2 slightly different pictures on cover. #6 artist: Star Point label: Elektra songs: side A Object Of My Desire(Vocal) side B Send Me A Letter(Vocal LP Version) Object Of My Desire(Instrumental Version) year 1985′ sort of grooved picture on cover, cover sort of worn no sleeve. #7 artist: Regina label: Atlantic. Atco song: side A Baby Love(Vocal Long Version) side B Baby Love(Dub Mix Long Version) year 1986′ company cover no sleeve dj mark. #8 artist: Keith Sweat label: Vintertainment song side A (Duet With Jacci Mcghee) Make It Last Forever(Extended Version/LP Version side B (Duet With Jacci Mcghee) Make It Last Forever(Vocal Beat/ Instrumental Version) year 1987′ lovers classic company cover original sleeve. #9 artist: Johnny O label: Mic Mac Records Inc. song Fantasy Girl 1 Radio Edit 2 Nu Wave Music 3 Tony’s Fantasy Edits / Fantasy Girl 1 Club Mix 2 House Mix plain cover sleeve classic sound. #10 artist: Brian Brain label: Micmac Records Inc. song A House Is Just A House 1 Club Is A House Mix / A House Is Just A House 1 Prime Time Version 2 Dub Mix 3 Radio Version company cover sleeve classic label. #11 artist: Cynthia label: Micmac Records Inc. song: side A: Thief Of Hearts Freestyle Mix Power Mix Hot Radio Mix side B Thief Of Hearts Condo Mix Co-Op Mix plain cover no sleeve. #12 artist D’Angelo Derrick Carter Mark Farina Unknown label: D’Licious year 2001′ plain white label 45rpm 33rpm. #13 artist: Peter Wolf label EMI America song: Come As You Are year 1987′ cover is off had to be taped promo classic song. #14 artist: Teebee label: Subtitles songs side A Let Go side AA Deception cover is off solid artist of the 1990’s. #15 artist Caesar & Manolo label: Cha Cha Records title: Bolero remixes by Ian Rich / Randolph 1990’s dj copy cover has off surface original dj sheet is off like cover. #16 artist: Alisha label: RCA song side A #1 Into My Secret World(Special Extended Club Mix) #2 Into My Secret(Edited Version) side B #1 Into My Secret(Dub Version) #2 Do You Dream About Me(From The Film Mannequin) year: 1987′ picture on the cover no sleeve. #17 artist: Denise Lopez label: Vendetta Records song: Too Much Too Late year: 1988′ picture on the cover no sleeve. #18 artist Ta Mara And The Seen label: AM songs: side 1 Everybody Dance side 2 Lonely Heart year: 1985′ import classic cover has some tape. #19 artist: Trinera label: Jam Packed song: They’Re Playing Our Song year: 1987′ cover is taped a Virgin cover no sleeve hard played surface. #20 artist: Company B label: Atlantic song side A Fascinated Club Mix Dubinated Version side B Fascinated Radio Edit Instrumental Fascidubbed year 1988′ company cover a little tape original sleeve classic late 1980’s. #21 artist: Nick Cannon label Motown song: It’s Your Birthday Featuring Fatman Scoop side A 1 Clean 2 Instrumental 3 Acappella(clean) side B 1 Main(Dirty) 2 Instrumental 3 Acappella(Explicit) year 2006′ company cover no sleeve parental advisory explicit content noted on the cover. #22 artist: Aaron Hall F. Christopher Wallace label: Av8 Records song: Why You Tryin’ To Play Me year: 1993′ rare test press plain cover. #23 artist: Noel label: 4th & B’Way song Out Of Time side A 1 Club Mix 2 R & B Mix side B 1 Instrumental 2 Dub Version year: 1988′ picture on the cover no sleeve classic late 1980’s. #24 artist: Noel label: 4th & B’Way song Silent Morning 4 mixes year: 1987′ plain cover no sleeve. #25 artist: Fu-Schnickens’ label: Jive song: Ring The Alarm 1 LP Version 2 Steely & Cleevie Remix 1 Steely & Cleevie Extended Mix 2 LP Instrumental year: 1991′ picture on the cover slightly off tape sleeve early dancehall reggae rap beat mix. #26 artist: AZ label: Test Pressing From Specialty Records Corporation title: Sugar Hill special test press plain cover sleeve. #27 artist: artist: Dino label: Island song: Romeo 6 Mixes year: 1990′ picture on the cover sleeve. #27 artist: Breathe label: AM song: Say A Prayer 6 Mixes year: 1990′ picture on the cover original sleeve. #28 artist: Sheena Easton label: EMI America song: side 1 Telefone(Long Distance Love Affair) Club Mix side 2 Telefone(Long Distance Love Affair) Dub Mix year: 1983′ Polygram Records company cover no sleeve classic early 1980’s sound. #29 artist: Sheila E label: WB Records song side 1 Sister Fate(Extended Version) side 2 Save The People year: 1985′ dj- mark on label picture on the cover no sleeve classic mid 1980’s song artist. #30 artist: 2 Unlimited label: Radikal Records title: Tribal Dance side A 1 Extended Mix 2 Extended Rap Mix 3 Radio Version side B 1 Automatic African Remix 2 Automatic BreakBeat Remix 3 No No Rap Edit year: 1993′ picture on the cover original sleeve classic early 1990’s Miami South Florida dance music. #31 artist: Keith Sweat label: Vintertainment song: side 1 I Want Her 1 Extended Version 2 Acappella Dub Beat side 2 1 Instrumental 2 LP Version year 1987′ picture on the cover original sleeve classic late 1980’s soul this 1 is in a different cover. #32 artist: Heavy D &; The Boyz label: Uptown Records side 1 Truthful side 2 Blue Funk Truthful year: 1983′ picture on the cover no sleeve classic early rap hip hop promotional copy. #33 artist: Heavy D & The Boyz label: Uptown Records song: side 1 Peaceful Journal side 2 You Can’t See What I Can See year: 1982′ solid original cover no sleeve. #34 artist: Jody Watley label: MCA Records song Some Kind Of Lover 3 Mixes year: 1987′ picture on the cover no sleeve solid lady vocal star of the 1980’s. #35 artist: Teddy Pendergrass label: Asylum title: Workin’ It Back year: 1985′ with cover with company sleeve original full album original 1970’s soul artist great work. #36 artist: TKA label: Tommy Boy song: One Way Love 3 Mixes year: late 80’s are early 90’s company cover sleeve classic dance of genre tune. #37 artist: Denise Lopez label: Vendetta Records song: side A 1 Sayin’ Sorry (Don’t Make It Right) Club Mix 2 M & M 7′ Mix side B 1 House Mix 2 Latin Dub Bonus Beats 3 Over Dub year: 1988′ classic 1980’s latin artist latin dance tune. #38 artist: Midnight Star label: Elektra song: Headlines Vocal Vocal Extended Mix Instrumental Dub Mix year: 1986′ company cover sleeve mid 1980’s soul rap group. #39 artist: Eddie Money label: Columbia title: Can’t Hold Back year: 1986′ original full album cover has writng original sleeve with the words of the songs light rock dance tunes. #40 artist: Cynthia & Johnny O label: MicMac Records Inc. song: Dreamboy/Dreamgirl side 1 1 Club Mix 2 Instrumental Mix 3 Dr. Tony’s Bonus side 2 1 Radio Pop Version Radio Freestyle Mix classic dance pop sound different company cover Moonshine Music http://www.moonshine.com sleeve. #41 artist: Al B. Sure label: WB Records song: Missunderstanding 7 Mixes a little jumpy 1 are so others versions solid year: 1986′ picture on the cover no sleeve classic mid 1980’s beat and vocals major artist of the 80’s. #42 artist: Alisha label: Vanguard song side 1 All Night Passion(Club Mix) Beat All Night side 2 Dub All Night year: 1984′ Atlantic company cover no sleeve early 80’s classic. #43 artist M.C. Hammer label: Capital song: Pump It Up 1 The Pose Mix 2 Dope Mix 1 Radio Edit 2 Instrumental year: 1988′ original company sleeve sleeve major rap hip hop artist sort of groove pressed. #44 artist: M.C. Hammer label: Capitol song side 1 1 Turn This Moutha Out(The Moutha Mix) 2 Turn This Moutha Out(Instrumental) side 2 1 Ring’ Em(The Mix) 2 Ring’ Em(M.C. Mix) year: 1988′ original company cover sleeve original late 80’s classic artist hit song. #45 artist: Nena label: Epic song side 1 Just A Dream side 2 99 Luftballons year: 1983′ different cover of TKA German artist import light rock dance classic. #46 artist: Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam with Full Force label: Columbia song: Can You Feel The Beat/Beat The Feel You Can(Slick Mix) year: 1985′ picture on the cover sleeve major mid 89’s act hit tune. #47 artist: 112 label: Bad Boy Entertainment song: Come See Me 1 Club Mix 2 Instrumental year: 1996′ original company cover sleeve classic mid 90’s club dance tune. #48 artist: 2 Unlimited label: Radikal Records title: Faces side A 1 Extended Mix 2 X-Out Remix Radio Edit side B 4 Trance Automatic Remix 5 Automatic BreakBeat RMX 6 Spanish Radio Version year 1993′ different Speed Records cover no sleeve. #49 artist: Ace of Base label: Arista title: All That She Wants side 1 1 Extended Single/Dub 2 Banghra Version side 2 1 12′ Version 2 Single Version year 1992′ picture on cover sleeve major early 90’s dance sound# group vocals beat. #50 artist Greg Eversoul & Ben Viguerie label Character Records songs side A Dirty Stomp 2 versions side B B1 SF Lovely 2 versions original company cover no sleeve 45rpm San Francisco Bay Area music both sides are dub only red dj mark on cover. #51 artist: Janet Jackson label: AM Records songs: side A 1 The Pleasure Principle Long Vocal 2 The Pleasure Principle Acappella side B The Pleasure Principle 12′ Dub 2 The Pleasure Principle 7′ Vocal year: 1986′ picture on the cover sleeve major pop artist. #51 artist: The Cover Girls label: The Fever … Catch It song: Inside Outside 4 Mixes year: 1988′ picture on the cover sleeve classic late 80’s lady group vocals dance sound. Bonus song: artist: The Cover Girls label: The Fever … Catch It song: Show Me year: 1986′ different Cover Girls album cover this 1 a 12′ single not the full album no sleeve. #52 artist: Boogie Boys label: Capitol Records song: side 1 1 City Life(LP Version) 2 A Fly Girl side 2 1 City Life(Dub) 2 City Life(Bonus Beats) 3 A Fly Girl(Dub) year: 1985′ company cover sleeve mid 80’s vocal rap group dance sound. Bonus cut artist: The Boogie Boys label: Capitol Records full album not opened not sure of the exact year it should be mid 80’s. #53 artist: The Furies label: Infrasonic title: Fun Around The World year: ? full album new unopened ladies band. #54 artist Doug E. Fresh/Jade label: Hollywood Records songs: side D Superstition(The Doug E. Fresh Version) 1 Album Version Featuring Ms. Jones Acappella 3 Instrumental W/Backgrounds side J Jade Featuring Lil’ Rachett & Vaz Keep On Risin 1 Master Mix 2 No Rap Version 3 Acappella 4 Rap To Top Version year: 1997′ plain cover no sleeve major early rap artist from the 80’s still at it. #55 artist: Jermaine Stewart label: Artista song: side 1 We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off(Dance Re-Mix) side 2 1 We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off(Dub Mix) 2 We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off(Short Version) year: 1985′ picture on the cover light purple sleeve classic dance hit song major pop dance artist. #56 artist: Trinere label: Jam Packed song: I Know You Love Me(Tony Butler) year: 1986′ plain cover no sleeve classic 80’s Miami dance sound. #57 artist: Al B. Sure label: WB Records song: side 1 1 Rescue Me(I’m Not Mad) Remix Rescue Me(Large Mix) side 2 1 Rescue Me(Radio Remix Edit) 2 Rescue Me(The Drums Are Done Mix) year 1988′ picture on the cover no sleeve. #58 artist: Spunkadelic label: SBK Records title: Take Me Like I Am side A 1 12′ KC Mix 2 Percappella Mix 3 Spunk Radio Mix side B 1 12′ Spunkified Mix 2 After 8 Mix 3 Groove Radio Mix year: 1990′ picture on the cover sleeve 1990′ early house dance group sound. Bonus cut artist: Spunkadelic label: SBK Records title: Boomerang 6 Mixes year: 1990′ picture on the cover sleeve. #59 artist: Black Box label: RCA song The Remix Side I Don’t Know Anybody Else 1 Hurley’s House Mix 2 Hurley’s House Dub 3 Deep House Instrumental The Mix Side I Don’t Know Anybody Else 1 We Got Sal Soul Mix 2 DJ Lelewel Mix 3 Acapella year: 1990′ picture on the cover sleeve early 1990′ dance house music. #60 artist: Sarai label: Sony Music Entertainment Inc. http://www.epicrecords.com song: side A Pack Ya Bags 1 Album Version 2 Instrumental side B 1 Radio Version 2 ACappella year: 2002′ plain cover sleeve. #61 artist: Debbie Gibson label: Atlantic song: House side Electric Youth Deep House Mix Shep’s House Dub House side Shep’s House Beats House Edit year: 1989′ company cover with cut sleeve major 1980’s vocal dance artist. #63 2 artist into 1 cover Debbie Gibson label: Atlantic song: side A Only In My Dreams Extended Club Mix vocal Percapella Vocal side B Only In My Dreams Dreamix Heartthrob BEATS year: 1986′ good for mixing. 2ND artist: Anything Box label: Epic Living In Oblivion 5 mixes has a dj mark on label good foe mixing both in 1 plain cover 1 sleeve. #64 2 artist in 1 cover 1ST artist: Ma$e label: Bad Boy Entertainment song: side A Breathe, Stretch, Shake Feat. P. Diddy Instrumental side B My Harlem Lullaby Instrumental year 2004′ has a dj mark on side A artist: #2 DJ And Vinyl Junkies Only! label: Wild Remix Service song side 1 1 Gotta Have House SJ Crew 2 Spice-Eeon side 2 4 Da Latino Vinyl Junkies Only! 1 Yo No?- Wino 2 Lets Mambo- Chango year: 1997′ white label solid dance cuts this in a sleeve Ma$e in company cover. #65 artist: unknown label: Limestone Recordings Test title: This Is Why We Dance year: 2003′ (Dedicated To All Deep House Souldiers Around The World) on label http://www.limestonerecordings.com grooved press. #65A artist: Laron/John Pickett label: Frisky Records San Francisco songs: pony side Houselowdown Mixed by Gavin Hardkiss label side Fillmore Street Jack year: 1998′ both in same plain cover sleeves. #66 artist: Erick Sermon label J Records song: side A Love Iz 1 Radio Mix 2 Instrumental side B Hold Up Dub (feat: Keith Murray) 1 Radio Mix 2 Club Mix year: 2002′ major artist club rap dance solid sound plain cover no sleeve white label. #67 artist: Sly Boogy label: J Records song: side A It’s Nuthin’ 1 Club Version 2 Instrumental side B It’s Nuthin’ 1 Dirty Version 2 Dirty Version(Acappella) year: 2005′ major West Coast Rap artist company cover no sleeve white label promo New York press. #68 artist: Whitney Houston label: Arista title: Self Titled album Whitney Houston full album year: 1985′ 1 of the greatest artist of all time cover with picture sleeve. #69 artist: Tami Chynn label: Universal Records songs side A 1 Hyperventilating 2 Hyperventilating Instrumental side B Looky Looky 3 versions 1 Main 2 Clean 3 Instrumental year 2005′ http://www.universalrecords.com company cover with sticker no sleeve red dj mark on cover solid dance with reggae dancehall. #70 artist: Expose label: Arista song: side 1 What You Don’t Know 1 Atomic Mix 2 Might Hurt You Beats 3 Radio Mix side 2 What You Don’t Know 1 Bass Mix 2 Crossover Mix year: 1989′ cover with picture has mark on picture sleeve 1980’s lady group vocals dance sound. #71 artist: Expose label: Arista song: side 1 1 Let Me Be The One(Extended Remix) 2 Let Me Be The One(Crossover Mix) side 2 1 Let Me Be The One(Radio/Single Version) 2 Let Me Be The Dub(Dub Mix) year: 1987′ picture on the cover sleeve. #72 artist: Expose label: Arista song: side 1 Come Go With Me(Extended Mix) side 2 1 Come Dub With Me 2 Come Go With Me(Radio Mix) year: 1986′ company with Expose name on the cover sleeve. #73 artist: Ruffneck featuring Yavahn label: Maw Records song: side 1 Everybody Be Somebody Maw Style Mix side 2 Everybody Be Somebody Hani Looong Mix year: 1995′ different company cover TSR Records no sleeve. #74 artist: Portrait label: Capitol title; Here We Go Again 7 Mixes year 1992′ plain different cover no sleeve. #75 artist: Taylor Dayne label: Arista song side 1 1 Tell It To My Heart(Club Mix) 2 Tell It To My Heart(Parcappella Mix) side 2 1 Tell It To My Heart(Single Mix) 2 Tell It To My Heart(Dub Mix) year: 1987′ company cover dj mark on label no sleeve grooved press. 2 albums in 1 cover artist: Taylor Dayne label: Arista song: side 1 1 Prove Your Love(Extended Remix) 2 Prove Your Love(Hot Single Mix) side 2 1 Prove Your Love(Edited Remix) 2 Prove Your Love(Prove Your Dub/Beats) year: 1988′ grooved press no sleeve. #2 artist: Taylor Dayne label: Arista Title; Can’t Fight Fate year: 1988′ full album side 2 1ST song is off a little grooved press original cover sleeve picture on the cover. #76 artist: 504 Boyz label: The New No Limit Records song: side A 1 Radio Version 2 Instrumental side B 1 Radio Version 2 Aceppella year: 2002′ company cover artist label on sticker. #77 artist: 504 Boyz label: The New No Limit Records song: side A Get Back 1 Radio Version 2 Video Version 3 Accapella Clean side B Get Back 1 Street Version 2 Instrumental 3 Acappella Clean year: unknown company cover sleeve(Parental Advisory Explicit Content) is noted on sticker with label artist. #78 2 albums into 1 different cover of the artist: artist: Debbie Gibson 1ST Title: Out Of The Blue year: label: Atlantic 1987′ 2ND Title: Electric Youth label: Atlantic year: 1989′ 2 full albums into Debbie Gibson Eletric Youth single cover. #79 artist: Black Knights label: Loud songs: side A Killa Cali Album Version Radio Version Instrumental side B Almighty Black Knights Album Version Radio Version Instrumental company cover sleeve 36 Records on label. #80 Bananarama label: London Sterophonic songs: Bananarama & Fun Boy Three side 1 He Was Really Sayin’ Somethin’ side 2 1) Aie A Mwana 2) Aie A Mwana year: 1981′ 1982′ picture on the cover sleeve. Artist: Bananarama label: London Ffrr song: side 1 More Than Physical(Garage Mix) side 2 1 More Than Physical(Dub) 2 More Than Physical(7′ Mix) year: 1986′ picture on the cover sleeve. I started a new post title: Vinyl, LP’S Of The Disco Era Featuring Oldies From The 1950’s – 1960’s. Still learning how to use all parts of http://www.wordpress.com I pressed like to see what would happen. I will try to take it off. A nice solid blog http://www.gnatseyeview.wordpress.com liked the new post. The new post is a different set of older tunes. The blog http://www.gnatseyeview.wordpress.com is a blog with interesting photos, post. Check it out. Being new to blogging this is my best way to to say thanks & show respect.
This next set of vibes is for the the crew who study the posts. #81 artist: Bananarama label: London Ffrr year 1984′ title: Bananarama full album featuring Robert DeNiro’s Waiting and Cruel Summer picture on the cover sleeve special design dj mark on label. #82 artist: Lil Louis label: Ffrr year: 1989′ songs: side A French Kiss side B Wargames 45RPM company cover white label with lips. #83 artist: Fatman featuring Stella Mae label: Ffrr year: 1990′ song: side A Release Me Steve Anderson Remix side B Release Me 1 Freedom Dub 2 7′ Remix company cover tape on cover 45RPM. #84 artist: Sonia label: Chrysalis year: 1989′ song: side A You’LL Never Stop Me Loving You(Kissing Mix) side B You’LL Never Stop Me Loving You(12′ Mix) maybe different cover for Precision Records & Tapes LTD. PRT sleeve. #85 artist: Linda Imperial/Patrick Cowley label: Megatone Records year: 1986′ song: side A Diehard Lovers-Vocals side B Diehard Lover- Inst. company cover no sleeve dj mark on label stero collectors edition. #86 artist: Cyndia Lauper label: Portrait song: side 1 She Bop(Special Dance Mix) side 2 She Bop(Instrumental) year: 1983′ company cover plain sleeve special art on cover cover a bit worn dj tag. #86A artist: Cyndia Lauper label: Portrait song: side 1 Girls Just Want To Have Fun(Extended Version) side 2Fun With V.Knutsn(Instrumental)/Xtra Fun year: 1983′ plain cover sleeve popular hit dance artist/song. #87 artist: Jellybean label: Chrysalis songs: side A Just A Mirage(Extended Dance Mix) Just A Mirage(Dub Mix) side B Mirage(Dancers Dream) Extended Dance Mix Mirage(Dancers Dream) Heartthrobe Bonus Beats year: 1988′ picture on both sides of the cover sleeve a little tape on cover. #88 artist: The Bella Stars label: WB Records songs: side 1 Sign Of The Times(Remixed Extended 12′ version) side 2 Madness year: 1982′ promo stamp on the cover picture on the cover sleeve 45RPM early 80’s U.K. lady vocal sound. #89 artist: Shakatak label: Polydor title: City Rhythm year: 1985′ full album picture on the cover sleeve 80’s band dance sound. #90 artist: Aldo Nova label: Portrait title: Aldo Nova year: 1981,1982′ full album picture on the cover special photo on sleeve words also on sleeve to the songs rock dance party sound. #91 artist: Connie label: Sunnyview songs: side A Funky Little Beat side B Funky Little Beat 1 Instrumental 2 Edited Version year: 1985′ company cover sleeve cover slight mark 80’s dance classic artist, song. #92 artist: Ace Of Bass label: Arista song: side 1 Don’t Turn Around 1 Groove Mix Extended side 2 Don’t Turn Around 1 Stretch Verion 2 Radio Groove Mix year: 1993′, 1994′ picture on the cover Holland press of Asward reggae classic Don’t Turn Around. Asward a reggae based late 1970’s to present U.K. roots, dub band. 1 of the greatest reggae bands of all time. #93 artist: Lost Boys label: 4THH & B’Way song: It’s Time For A Change side A 1 Club Version 2Piano Version 3 Sterling Edit side B 1 House Version 2 Dub Version year: 1989′ company cover no sleeve classic late 80’s artist dance sound. #94 artist: Stacy Q label: Atlantic, Atco, Cotillion And Custom Labels song: side A Two Off Hearts side B Two Of Hearts Instrumental/ Two Of Hearts Vocal/ Radio Edit/ Stacey’s Dream Acapela year: 1986′ picture on the cover company sleeve. #94A artist: Stacey Q label: Atco song: Insecurity year: 1986′ picture on both sides of cover plain sleeve. #94B artist: Stacey Q label: Atlantic song: side A Give You All My Love Crossover House Mix/ Crossover Club Mix side B Give You All My Love Underground Mix/ Radio Edit year: 1989′ special picture on the cover sleeve cover is slightly off a little tape popular 1980’s vocal dance sound. #95 artist: Urban Rhythm Featuring Roberta Gilliam label: Next Plateau Records Inc. song: side A Get Your Thing Together 1 84 King St. Club 2 Radio 3 84 King St. Instrumental side B Get Your Thing Together 1 Techno Club 2 Techno Instrumental year: 1991′ company cover no sleeve early 1990’s techno dance tune. #96 artist: Samantha Fox label: Jive songs: side A 1 I Only Wanna Be With You(Extended Mix) 2 I Only Wanna Be With You(Single Edit) 3 I Only Wanna Burn With You side B I Only Wanna House With You 2 I Only Wanna Be With You(Special Single Edit) 3 Confession year: 1988′ picture on the cover sleeve classic 88’s vocals dance mix. #97 artist: Miracle Featuring Da Robin label: Universal Records song: side A Bounce Like Me 1 Radio Edit 2 Instrumental side B Bounce Like Me 1 Album Version 2 Clean Acapella year: 2001′ company cover sleeve (Parental Advisory Explicit Content) on the cover. #98 artist: Sweet Sensation(with Romeo J.D.) label: Atco song: side A Sincerely Yours Etended Club Version(Remix) Sincerely Yours Charlie Dee Basement Beat Version side B Sincerely Yours Extended Radio Version(Remix) Percarella Dub year: 1988′ picture on the cover sleeve lady group vocals dance soul sound. #98A 2 albums into 1 cover artist: Sweet Sensation 1ST label: Next Plateue Records Inc. song: side A 1(Goodbye Baby) Victim Of Love(Long Version) 2(Goodbye Baby) Victim O f Love(Radio Version) side B (Goodbye Baby)Victim Of Love 1 Drum Vocal Version 2 Oh, Oh Dub year: 1987′ dj mark on label. 2ND Next Plateau Records Inc. song: Take It While It’s Hot(Joseph Malloy) 1 Long Vocal 2 Charlie Dee ‘Hot’ Dub side B Take It While It’s Hot(Joseph Malloy) 1 Only Omar’s Dub 2 Percapella Mix year: 1988′ different Sweet Sensation cover(Never Let You Go) 1 company sleeve tape notes on the back of the cover picture of ladies on the front. #99 artist: Girlicious label: Girllicious Girl songs: Like Me 1 Main 2 Instrumental 3 A Cappella side AA Stupid (!!!!) 1 Main 2 Instrumental 3 A Cappella year: 2008′ company cover no sleeve with sticker for Pussycat Dolls LLC promo copy red dj mark on the cover sticker mark on side AA. #100 artist: Sandee label: Fever Records song: 1 Love Desire(Eclipse Mix) 2(House Of Def Mix) 3(Red Zone Mix) 1 Love Desire(Inquisition Mix) 2(Revelation Mix) 3(Revelation Dub) year: 1991′ company cover sleeve sexy picture of the artist on the cover. #101 two records in the same different cover of #100 artist # 1 Sandee label: The Fever … Catch It song: side A Notice Me 1 Club Vocal 2 Drumpella side B 1 Notice The House Mix 2 Dubbin’ At Studio 54 year:1988′ grooved press classic dj mark on the label. artist #2 Cherrelle label: Tabu song: I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On with Instrumental year: 1984′ dj mark of a star on the vinyl grooved press plays solid 1 sleeve cover has tape on a part. #102 artist: Prima J label Gaffen Records song: Rock Star side A 1 LP Version 2 Unedited Version side B song: Rock Star 1 Instrumental 2 A Cappella year: 2007′ company cover with a sticker of the two Prima J artist red dj mark on the cover. #103 artist: Expose label: Arista title: Exposure year: 1987′ full album picture on the cover sleeve grooved press slight jump classic late 80’s sound. #103A different cover the same one from above artist: Expose label: Arista song: side 1 Point Of No Return(Extended Mix) side 2 1 Point Of No Return(Crossover Mix) 2 Dub Of No Return Strikes Again year: 1987′ cover a little worn no sleeve grooved press. #104 artist: Black Box label: XYZ Records song: side 1 Ride On(The Original) side 2 1 Ride On(Garage Trip) 2 Ride On(Piano Version) year 1989′ grooved a little jumpy spot on vinyl late 80’s early house music sound both sides are 45RPM plain cover with a little tape no sleeve.  /  #105 artist: Radio Active label: Sugardish Recordings NYC songs: side A Tribute featuring Rachel Scarborough side B Keep It Coming year: 1999′ a major New York artist and label no sleeve label sticker on the cover. A separate act http://www.sugardish.com a nice lady band group it seems similar to the next Southern California music scene hit group. #106 artist: 1000 Mona Lisas label: Sugar Fix Recording year: 1995′ a full L.A. music scene album 1000 Mona Lisas A popular 1990’s band no sleeve a special band sticker very rare vinyl edition. #107 artist; Lita Ford label: Victor RCA title: Lita  year: 1988′ full album with original picture on the sleeve Lita Ford a major rock star artist. #108 artist; Run DMC label: Profile title: Raising Hell year: 1986′ original full album early 1980’s and on rap artist greats. # 109 artist: Jesse Johnson’s Revue label: AM  songs: side A Can You Help Me side B Free World year: 1985′ picture on the cover sleeve a funk soul major artist. #110 artist: Linda Ronstadt & Nelson Orchestra label: Assylum title: What’s New year: 1983′ with sleeves hit ballads. #111 artist: Donna Summer label: Mercury title: She Works Hard For The Money year: 1983′ sleeve classic 1980’s movie sound. #111A Donna Summer Griffen Records songs: side 1 Supernatural Love side 2 Face The Music year: 1984′ picture on both sides of the cover no sleeve 45RPM label is a little off dj sticker. #112 artist: Culture Club label: Virgin title: Colour By Numbers year: 1983′ cover has a little tape original sleeve with words 80’s classic band sound artist this cut is jumpy on main tune all tunes are classics for mixing matching dj sticker like above fade a bit.  # 113 artist: Sheena Easton label: MCA Records title: The Lover In ME year: 1988′ hard to part with picture on both sides this got a little hot warped a bit at start solid for mixing hit star wonderful pictures on the cover plain sleeve. #114 artist; Wham!  label: Columbia title: Music From The Edge Of Heaven year: 1986′ good cover picture on cover and sleeve words to songs also may jump. #114a Wham! label: Columbia title: Make It Big year:1984′ good cover sleeve with picture of the artists dj mark. #115 artist: Run DMC label: Profile title: Raising Hell year: 1986′ good cover original new sleeve Rap Great Artist no party can be complete without Run DMC. #116 artist: Jesse Johnson’s Revue  label: AM songs: Can You Help Me / Free World year: 1985′ sleeve some funk soul in the place dj mark.                                            This set of tunes is for my new friends at http://www.twitter.com/punkjames777 check Kid Pecos out at http://www.twitter.com/kidpecos with this you can know a certain title I will be working on. #117 artist: The Pooh Sticks label/Licensed from the swell folks at Fierce Recordings title: Symphony For The Recording Industry songs this side Time To Time, Emergency other side Tonight(Bandwagon Version) special picture disc single. #118 artist: Zebrehead label: Columbia songs: Check / Get Back year: 1998′ company sleeve single. #119 artist: The Donnas label: Lookout Records songs: side A Who Invited You side B Play My Game year: 2001′ special picture cover single of the artist. #120 Tad label: Up side A Oppenheimer’s Nightmare side B Accident On The Way To Church year: 1999′ special edition cover single.#121 Marc Anthony label: Columbia songs: side A Tragedy side B Strength year: 2001′ special Latin pop artist dance sound.

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