Kid Pecos Still At The Old Ranch Lands Pecos Sound System On Continuing With The World Wide Vinyl Sell Off & Jarvis/Pecos Flea Market Items While Opening A New Free Store

Greetings Crew From Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System. Pecos Sound System has landed on for the near future. WIN_20220626_16_17_27_Pro

Up And Coming Selections On Will Be Added. WIN_20190710_09_12_47_Pro

Pecos Sound System being an all Genre Vinyl Sound System / Collector has been studying different Selections. This post will feature random selections. WIN_20200105_10_25_01_Pro

Some older from the collection, some of the newer selections. WIN_20210323_09_07_45_Pro

Pecos Sound System Foundation G.T.T.A. Days Photos Will Also Featured. WIN_20220626_16_12_06_ProWIN_20200521_19_51_41_ProWIN_20210530_16_34_01_Pro

This will be an ongoing post, so check back for updates, when you can. Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System. WIN_20220626_17_09_57_Pro

Pecos Sound System has been studying (Playing For Sound Quality, Enjoying) a lot of just in vinyl records. Some items will also placed on WIN_20210722_17_55_18_ProWIN_20211023_16_38_17_Pro SKA 10-23 WIN_20211031_16_15_35_Pro

SKA 10-31 WIN_20211102_12_57_31_ProWIN_20211031_14_31_52_ProWIN_20211102_12_54_36_Pro

SKA 11-02 WIN_20200718_09_50_43_Pro

When Kid Pecos Hands, Skin Got Infected. WIN_20190805_09_45_34_ProWIN_20190727_22_04_46_Pro

New 12″ for a nice Dance Club DJ Electro Sound is a focus for this focus. WIN_20211031_13_49_58_Pro


SKA 10-23 WIN_20211023_14_38_50_Pro


SKA 10-25 WIN_20211025_17_01_25_ProWIN_20211025_14_37_29_ProWIN_20211110_16_30_11_Pro

SKA 11-10 WIN_20220626_16_12_31_Pro  


 Kid Pecos is still getting the newer set of tunes ready. WIN_20211204_15_59_23_ProWIN_20220129_14_44_51_Pro 

Pecos Sound System is getting some selections ready to play (Listen To) for adding updates on.WIN_20220203_15_55_35_Pro SKA 02-03 WIN_20190714_17_59_14_Pro SKA 07-14WIN_20200118_14_30_01_ProWIN_20220702_17_40_05_Pro

WIN_20220227_15_24_14_ProWIN_20220218_16_53_33_Pro WIN_20210321_07_39_14_Pro

SKA 3-21 WIN_20220402_16_50_58_ProWIN_20220529_16_04_56_Pro

A Few Of The New Vinyl Selections.

Pecos Sound System

Jarvis/Pecos Flea Market Item

SKA 12-20

Pecos Sound System SKA 12

Pecos Sound System

A Pecos Sound / TL Sound Reggae Dancehall Selection.

Pecos Sound / Tl Sound Reggae Dancehall – Reggae Artist Roy Richard

Pecos Sound / TL Sound Reggae Dancehall – Reggae Artist Hugh Roy

Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System SKA 7-3

Pecos Sound – TL Sound Reggae Dancehall artist: Red Fox (A Silver Enforcer Reggae Dancehall Sound System Selection With Whom DJ Silver Enforcer)
Pecos Sound System
Pecos Sound – TL Sound Reggae Dancehall Reggae Artist Christopher (A Silver Enforcer Reggae Dancehall Sound System Selection With Whom DJ Silver Enforcer)
Pecos Sound – TL Sound Reggae Dancehall Reggae Artist Frankie Paul (A Silver Enforcer Reggae Dancehall Sound System Selection With Whom DJ Silver Enforcer)
Pecos Sound System Stylee
Pecos Sound System artist: Screw Driver title: No Mama No Mama label: Volcano year: 1986″
Pecos Sound System

Pecos Sound System Plays A TL Sound Reggae Dancehall Selection.

Pecos Sound System Stylee

Memories Of Times Gone By For Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System. TL Sound Reggae Dancehall will be adding some new updates. Visit to see (Wha Ah Gwan Star) SKA 3-21

Pecos Sound System
SKA 7-10
Pecos Sound System
SKA 7-2
Spreading The Word Of Sets.
Kid Pecos When He Was Infected With A Skin Infection.
Sizzla – I Need You (Used) 7″ Reggae Dancehall Vinyl Record. Kid Pecos is now Listing new Vinyl Items on Under Music / Records.
New Items for will soon be added.

Kid Pecos Of pecossoundsystem Stylee.

artist: Alberto Rochi
SKA 8-31
Reggae 7″ Vinyl Selection
Pecos Sound System Foundational Roots.
Pecos Sound System.

WIN_20220730_17_57_16_ProWIN_20220730_17_35_50_ProWIN_20220702_16_43_53_ProWIN_20220724_17_04_58_ProWIN_20221025_14_53_42_ProWIN_20220730_17_02_28_ProWIN_20200718_06_16_26_Pro Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System is now studying the thoughts of Pecos Sound System.  A Sound System can have thoughts of days gone by that gives the music being played a nice drift of sound.  The sound has been into some all genre vinyl waves. While enjoying the music it makes Kid Pecos try to understand the times of that of selection Pressing Year, or The Release For Printing Time Of Actual History. WIN_20221025_17_22_50_Pro 

Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System has been (Drifting Through) Playing a lot of All Genre Vinyl Records. Collecting Selections a DJ comes around some (Rare) not many Made or Still Around Records. Pecos Sound System will be Featuring some these Vinyl Records.  


Kid Pecos stays with Rare Vinyl Selections While Adding Some Holiday Selections.

WIN_20221202_13_20_16_ProWIN_20221202_14_19_57_Pro Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System  is also listing Some All Genre Vinyl at 12″ Dance Club DJ Electro with Some Rap Hip-Hop will be Featured. WIN_20221202_14_25_35_Pro 

WIN_20221211_15_51_29_ProWIN_20221211_14_12_12_ProWIN_20190721_17_00_36_ProWIN_20200531_07_12_23_ProWIN_20221208_16_15_34_ProWIN_20221211_16_03_04_ProWIN_20221211_16_24_10_Pro Kid Pecos is still Around The Old Ranch – Hudspeth Area with Pecos Sound System, Going through  waves & waves of vinyl records.WIN_20221211_16_46_39_Pro 

WIN_20221208_15_45_42_ProWIN_20190805_08_51_02_ProWIN_20221208_16_02_46_ProWIN_20221211_14_27_12_ProWIN_20221211_16_47_51_ProWIN_20221211_16_03_33_ProWIN_20221211_16_15_03_Pro Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System has always enjoyed all kinds of Music, Spoken Words, Sound Recordings.  While (Getting The Sound To Fly) an expression for putting certain Records together some All Genre Selections will be featured. Out Of The Country Vinyl is good to play. (Not Having To Listen To For Words, Sounds from the known Musics) Makes Them Enjoyable.WIN_20190703_12_03_49_Pro    



Kid Pecos Of pecossoundsystem Has Updated With Some Space To Add An All Genre Vinyl Selection. WIN_20221211_16_33_26_ProWIN_20190718_09_09_45_ProWIN_20221208_16_14_35_ProWIN_20221211_14_11_10_ProWIN_20210722_18_03_55_ProWIN_20190416_07_33_22_ProWIN_20191101_21_53_42_ProWIN_20190905_07_43_46_ProWIN_20200504_06_47_34_ProWIN_20190905_08_39_05_ProWIN_20190709_09_41_16_ProWIN_20190711_08_58_11_ProWIN_20200723_18_08_52_ProWIN_20221028_15_48_55_ProWIN_20221208_15_53_57_ProWIN_20201220_17_48_56_ProWIN_20200922_15_23_51_ProWIN_20220724_15_05_26_Pro 

Kid Pecos is gathering in a few new vinyl selections. Like JA  – Show Your Gold 1990’s Reggae Dancehall Vinyl Sound System / U.K. – R Honey 1950’s 1960’s Soul R&B Jazz Blues Pop Blues Pop American Country Music Vinyl Sound new Sounds from The Past To The Present Will Be Added. WIN_20221219_16_10_40_ProWIN_20221219_16_05_35_ProWIN_20221219_15_46_57_ProWIN_20221219_15_29_41_ProWIN_20221219_14_48_01_ProWIN_20191213_07_32_28_Pro

Kid Pecos of pecossoundsystem Has Generated A Few (Drifts) or Thoughts on How to Put Out Some New Selections for the Next Post. WIN_20220129_14_26_19_ProWIN_20221221_15_33_34_ProWIN_20200726_15_01_03_ProWIN_20220626_17_26_16_ProWIN_20220626_14_30_42_ProWIN_20221221_15_26_02_ProWIN_20220626_15_53_21_ProWIN_20221022_16_54_29_ProWIN_20221221_15_10_58_ProWIN_20220220_15_38_43_ProWIN_20221221_14_59_45_ProWIN_20221024_15_30_43_ProWIN_20221221_15_49_20_Pro  Jarvis Boot Shine will soon be adding New Boot Shine Processes. WIN_20221227_16_24_30_ProWIN_20221227_16_05_01_ProWIN_20221227_15_58_45_ProWIN_20221227_15_01_35_ProWIN_20221227_14_09_36_Pro 

Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System is working on some All Genre Vinyl Selections.

pecossoundsystem with jarvisbootshine

Pecos Sound System with Jarvis Boot Shine has a Few (Drifts) or Thoughts going on.

Pecos Sound System With Jarvis Boot Shine

pecossoundsystem (Used) 7″ EP Vinyl Records

Pecos Sound System (Used) Classical LP Vinyl Record

Kid Pecos of Pecos Sound System with Jarvis Boot Shine is working on A Few Shined Boots for the next Tour. a DJ Needs A Special Look when Doing Shows. Like With The Vinyl, Music this brings out that special Vibe.

Welp, Kid Pecos Is Still Going Through The Vinyl Collection. While Also Putting The Memories Of Pecos Sound System Foundation Into The Mix.

About kidpecos

Pecos Sound System plays a vinyl music sound featured around the memories of the music whiling being a youth until now. Kid Pecos of Pecos Sound System has a lot of vinyl records for those searching for that special selection for your set, or listening groove. You can contact me with interest at pecossoundsystem@reggaetrain Thanks for passing to your guilding selecta Kid Pecos

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