Kid Pecos Closes Down TL Sound Reggae Dancehall Close To The Park Set Next Playing A Vinyl Pecos Sound Jarvis Disco Pecos Disco With Kutchie Love The Sound From Up Above Dance Wave

Greeting Crew Kid Pecos is working on all genres of vinyl. Now will update the World Wide Vinyl Sell Off. New vinyl selections will be added. Kid Pecos updates Pecos Disco reaches 100 post with Sheena Easton albums_covers3094 Vinyl For All Genre Collectors albums_covers4090 #1 Update for a World Wide Vinyl Sell OFF (OUT OF STOCK) goes to a solid collector in Rhode Island. albums_covers3574 #2 Update goes to a collector from West Palm Beach Florida. Kid Pecos also from Jarvis Pecos Flea Market sent a few books out albums_covers3307 Thanks, albums_covers3322 Pecos Sound System has been enjoying the wonderful areas along the tours. Put on a pair of refurbished boots from to go walking around for all your exotic boots leather shoes products care contact also for any vinyl listed on any of the sites. Kid Pecos will be getting a wave of dance tunes with a bit of all genres ready for the next musical event. albums_covers3004albums_covers3044albums_covers3103albums_covers3111albums_covers3197albums_covers3063albums_covers3083albums_covers3038albums_covers3069albums_covers3012albums_covers3117albums_covers3027albums_covers3147albums_covers3042 albums_covers3144albums_covers3555albums_covers3165albums_covers3425albums_covers3082albums_covers4890albums_covers4635albums_covers4998albums_covers3141albums_covers3080albums_covers3081albums_covers3088albums_covers3186albums_covers3146albums_covers3091albums_covers3094albums_covers3092albums_covers3089albums_covers3176albums_covers3078albums_covers3405albums_covers3060albums_covers3093albums_covers3422albums_covers3095albums_covers3120albums_covers3093albums_covers3096

About kidpecos

Pecos Sound System plays a vinyl music sound featured around the memories of the music whiling being a youth until now. Kid Pecos of Pecos Sound System has a lot of vinyl records for those searching for that special selection for your set, or listening groove. You can contact me with interest at pecossoundsystem@reggaetrain Thanks for passing to your guilding selecta Kid Pecos

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