Kid Pecos Extends Pecos Disco After A Peaceful OLDIES’ Dance At Now Pass Towards With The Crew Kutchie Love The Sound From Up Above – Pecos Sound – Explaining Why Jarvis Disco A Popular Artist, Hit Song Set Is A Good Fit

Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System sends out a warm Greetings To All Crew near and far. Kid Pecos is working on a few waves of tunes for up and coming events. Being a DJ it seems like working with vinyl is about all that keeps a sound going. A constant flow of new and older tunes are being placed into the mixes. Being an all genre sound there is waves and waves of vinyl, this being artist – labels -songs – years – genre or style of music – format being size, speed so to say 78 rpm, 7″ for the most part 45 RPM, W LP’s 12″ for the most part with 10″ whole LP’s being used more in the 1950’s all the way to the present, closing out with a variety of 12″ as the popular term used goes “Disco Singles” which like stated comes in many forms. Staring Out in Mid 1970’s as way to have a version of a song. For most of the time songs had to be under 3 minutes (not being all the way into this FCC type of rule) so that was the start of Disco Singles say it could be longer music maybe more vocals. This would change over time. To also have EP’s smaller versions of full LP’s usually 4 songs (this was also popular with rarer 1950’s 7″ 33 RPM or 45 RPM selections and on to some rarer variety 78 RPM 10″ disc. Most of the 1980’s 1990’s on the 12″ variety is used in discos or clubs with 7″ still and 10″ EP’s. Kid Pecos calls most disco versions :”Club Vinyl” for the most part at the start of those releases they went DJ’s. Some pure vinyl collectors got into this type of single songs. The cassette tape did well with this style into last main years of it being popular in the 1990’s. Cassette tapes was not a bad format. Some back in time dances a DJ could play a song off a cassette if 1 was part of a sound system With Disco Singles you can al ways play the for the music Tapes as the are also called lots of people used to have. They still can be played to enjoy the music. Kid Pecos has lot’s of mostly Dj tapes, with special musical types of tapes also plus some artist full LP cassette tapes. albums_covers3859albums_covers3848albums_covers3855albums_covers3880albums_covers3860albums_covers3852albums_covers3864albums_covers3858albums_covers3914albums_covers3861albums_covers3865albums_covers3916albums_covers3866albums_covers3850albums_covers3885albums_covers3872albums_covers3892albums_covers3869albums_covers3905albums_covers3890albums_covers3874albums_covers3873albums_covers3908albums_covers3898albums_covers3906albums_covers3926albums_covers3909albums_covers3923albums_covers3919albums_covers3921albums_covers3877albums_covers3927albums_covers3933 Kid Pecos is working on a wave if vinyl. In a vinyl sound system a DJ can have lots of hit tunes. These selections of vinyl where best sellers, really popular tunes in there years.  A sound needs these since lots of people could heard them. A Sound for heavy music a DJ can play a slightly less played selection for the music. Kid Pecos to put out a wave of vinyl tunes in bulk has started Jarvis Disco in keeping with the popular artist, hit tune theme.albums_covers888albums_covers914albums_covers713 Joseph Stepper albums_covers889albums_covers2610albums_covers2761albums_covers893albums_covers915albums_covers2754albums_covers894albums_covers2762albums_covers895albums_covers2763albums_covers897albums_covers2764albums_covers2893albums_covers2765albums_covers2895 Kid Pecos is getting a huge wave of vinyl to add to a few grooves. Now will be a main loading set for popular artist, hit songs, some what sounds, sound systems out of late 1970’s and early mid 1980’s called them selves and the music Reggae Disco will be added in a Reggae Disco category. Also http://www.pecosdisco.wordpress. com will be getting newer vinyl tunes added. Pecos Disco is more a mixx around the Disco Era  late 1960’s to 1970’s ending in the 1980’s for the most part, going into a Club Scene. All genre is added a special focus on vinyl before the Disco Era Vinyl.. More 1990’s Club Party Vinyl is included. Rounding out up to the 2000’s with a few tunes. Still has a nice mix genre to be able to see how the total musical sound goes. With more Reggae Dancrhall like the Reggae Disco to be added. To be placed on with your musical, web based site site contact a few new Exotic Boots, Shoes Leather items will be added to http://www.jarvisbootshine, so Kid Pecos will be busy working on a few grooves trying to get this ship to fly  straight. albums_covers3001albums_covers3003albums_covers3007albums_covers3008 A few of the older 7″ LP type format.albums_covers3010.jpgalbums_covers3012albums_covers3016albums_covers3013albums_covers3004albums_covers3014albums_covers3020albums_covers3015albums_covers3017albums_covers3021albums_covers3022albums_covers3026albums_covers3018albums_covers3023albums_covers3027albums_covers3024albums_covers3019albums_covers3028albums_covers3025albums_covers3043albums_covers3029albums_covers3039albums_covers3081albums_covers3040albums_covers3066 Kid Pecos is into a bit off all genre of vinyl. Now sort of a few waves of 7″ selections  With Pecos Sound playing a TL Sound Reggae Dancehall there are lots of 7″ selections. Kid Pecos has always tripped on the 7″ format would have say more in my time of late 1960’s into the 1970’s on. Sort of trying to make a few new mixes with some 7″ a bit out of my time, some in my time “J” have not quit been able to  place in the mixx. For the bulk of the tunes are more 1950’s = 1960’s a bit tough until after hearing them to place them into a wave. Did get a solid wave of Country 7″ some really older 1950’s & 60’s selections plus 1970’s to 90’s. 1950’s with 1960’s for the most part is before my knowledge of music it is fun hearing as Kid Pecos calls it “studying these years of music”. It is good to add as many years styles to a Sound System.  Growing into a Disco. albums_covers3995albums_covers3036albums_covers3047albums_covers3049albums_covers3054albums_covers3050albums_covers3037albums_covers3046albums_covers3051albums_covers3074albums_covers3084albums_covers3038albums_covers3076albums_covers3103albums_covers3052albums_covers3057albums_covers3077albums_covers3226albums_covers3142albums_covers3086albums_covers3060albums_covers3174albums_covers3272albums_covers3192albums_covers3195albums_covers3061 Kid Pecos along side of the people who makes up the Pecos Sound System from the start. Now Kid Pecos wishes all the visitors a peaceful stay on studying pecossoundsystem bringing forth a conscious musical vibe from the past to the present. Kid Pecos is studying a few genre of vinyl. Warm to hot weather approaching.  This is good time for indoor dances, evening events. For daytime shows a sound system needs and fans an indoor cooling (out  of the sun) place. albums_covers3088albums_covers3097albums_covers3164albums_covers3089albums_covers3078albums_covers3155albums_covers3112albums_covers3166albums_covers3111albums_covers3079albums_covers3091albums_covers3165albums_covers3106albums_covers3167albums_covers3156albums_covers3066 Kid Pecos is now working on Jarvis Disco at not to sure of the layout of it. The main theme is to list popular hit artist, songs. Kid Pecos being a DJ & wholesale vinyl seller has lots of these best selling, well known tunes My style is playing a far reaching mix type of sound for party goers. Saying yo can listen to and trip on the flow of the songs by not knowing all of them. To get more people dancing Lid Pecos can bring in more better known songs. Trying sell off popular hits is a little more difficult than a rarer press. Jarvis Disco will be hosting down the road a wave of hit artist songs. Some rare selections will be in the mix For. Reggae in the dancehall dancing theme lots of crews played a Reggae Disco set. A bit tough to describe in words. In that 1970’s to mid 1980’s disco themes was in Reggae.Reggae will be added on Jarvis Disco. Reggae is Kid Pecos main or most knowledgeable genre with an equal on going studying of all genres of vinyl music. A 1970’s with 1950’s to 1970′ plus 1980’s dance vinyl including 1990’s and 2000’s & a Reggae Disco will be the main sounds added.A wave odd & loose vinyl will also be added. albums_covers2464albums_covers867albums_covers3180albums_covers3094albums_covers3181albums_covers838albums_covers3080albums_covers3247albums_covers2749albums_covers3214albums_covers3558albums_covers2751albums_covers2752

About kidpecos

Pecos Sound System plays a vinyl music sound featured around the memories of the music whiling being a youth until now. Kid Pecos of Pecos Sound System has a lot of vinyl records for those searching for that special selection for your set, or listening groove. You can contact me with interest at pecossoundsystem@reggaetrain Thanks for passing to your guilding selecta Kid Pecos

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