Kid Pecos With Kutchie Love The Sound From Up Above Ends Jarvis Festival #1 On A High Note Also Last World Wide Vinyl Sell Off Update Next Will Move Pecos Sound To Play Pecos Disco Dance Vinyl Dance For HowTo Donate Help Expand All Sites TL Sound Reggae Dancehall Thanks All Crew Near And Far

Kid Pecos of Pecos Sound System sends out Warm  Greetings to All Crew Near & far no matter where “You Da Bout May The Music Of Jah Bless The I’s”. Kid Pecos with Kutchie Love The Sound From Up Above is now making a slight journey passed Gallup NM 1 state over to the Petrified Forest National Park Arizona Area. Kid Pecos visits Sanders Arizona to play Pecos Sound System.Working on a few new thoughts hoping to expand the sites by adding more stirafe space to add more vinyl & a word wide web radio show. Will be playing a new set Pecos Disco or pecosdisco a set with mostly 1 photos of vinyl selections in Pecos Sound System with a strong 1970’s selection with all years that can be placed on in trying to make an inventory type collection count at with can keep playing more tunes in a broader all genre all year mix at the Reggae Dancehall Mix hoping to find a spot that can host a Reggae Dancehall Party with Pecos Sound lots of Native Americans with Warm Hearts locals with a great Land Mass can host a solid all around show in this part of sound set.. albums_covers961albums_covers2531albums_covers2523Picture 88Picture 79Picture 89Picture 113Picture 140 Kid Pecos Thanks the Sanders Arizona area for hosting Pecos Sound System. Pecos Sound will play a nice mix of TL Reggae Dancehall Mix for a while with a dance all genre format wave. albums_covers775albums_covers777albums_covers590albums_covers591albums_covers518 albums_covers515albums_covers559albums_covers561albums_covers563albums_covers564 Kid Pecos is now going to play for all crew in the Sanders, Arizona Tribes in the Area a few vinyl selections. At times a Sound System – DJ needs to play a wide range of years in music. At times Pecos Sound System touched on the Disco era 1970 to 1982 that being the peak years which could still cover all years of vinyl & 79 RPM any type of sound recordings to include live performances. Kid Pecos did place a Video on the can not get a direct link to work so you have to put in Jarvis Shine or “Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System Jams A Bongo Song” a version of Live Music. Which this Bongo Music Kid Pecos does feature as part of the sound set. To show more of the 1970’s in particular with some OLDIES’ or older tunes & 1980’s mostly dance vinyl with Disco Reggae we can call it at times Kid Pecos started Picture 1405   The Late Great: GARNETT SILK on a rare 1990’s deep Roots out of Jamaica Kariang with heavy Reggae tunes like this you can have a Disco Reggae sound. Picture 1356 #2 From Kariang a rare 1990’s Reggae Dancehall artist “Chilla Wrench”                               Vinyl is around in all Genres. Small grooves is nice to play a sort of popular sound or Hit Tunes from there time: years. Disco seems to have made music for a wide range of party goers in particular get into a wide range of popular songs. Reggae or for this type of thought Reggae Disco can be less popular hits. Reggae at times you just can not really say that you know all the tunes from 1 given Era. Studying reggae over years you can place some songs, artist, labels, together. Disco has a lot of tunes or selections to choose from. albums_covers176albums_covers148albums_covers249albums_covers206albums_covers279albums_covers399albums_covers403albums_covers404albums_covers419albums_covers475albums_covers450albums_covers464albums_covers484albums_covers498albums_covers499  Kid Pecos is now working on Pecos Disco. A few old term “lose xiny” some old time favorites from Kid Pecos youth.  A bit played from back in the day covers had to be put out over time J keeping for the music. albums_covers152albums_covers099albums_covers152albums_covers153albums_covers574albums_covers606albums_covers768albums_covers769albums_covers770albums_covers771albums_covers985albums_covers983albums_covers984albums_covers989albums_covers990 Pecos Disco  is getting set to play with Pecos Sound. “J” play smaller events after a major crowd for the past Jarvis Festival #1. After major shows a Sound System can gain fans that enjoy going to see & know that DJ -Sound or in the Reggae circle the call the who;e”Set” or Group a “Crew” being the the whole Sound System and fans – you can not leave out the Venues that host the events, shows, dances. The whole area of a location can get involved to have a fun time with music, people gathering danceing to enjoy a while out on the Town. albums_covers2946  albums_covers806albums_covers2945albums_covers807albums_covers2523albums_covers2919Picture 641albums_covers2918albums_covers2831albums_covers2830albums_covers794albums_covers419albums_covers795albums_covers450albums_covers455albums_covers662 albums_covers521 albums_covers509 albums_covers537albums_covers538albums_covers684albums_covers931albums_covers827 albums_covers523albums_covers610 albums_covers537albums_covers032albums_covers2285albums_covers033albums_covers168albums_covers166 Kid Pecos now is working on Pecos Disco. A sort miz Mix of most style of music. A bit complicated set trying to play & catalog the many selections in Pecos Sound System. Kutchie Love The Sound From Up Above is getting around of dance vinyl set for a Dance Party Set. Picture 1086albums_covers286Picture 817Picture 805Picture 1382Picture 1371Picture 1383Picture 1372Picture 1393Picture 1364 Kid Pecos like with being a Reggae Dancehall vinyl sound Picture 647 Kid Pecos with A selection being based on all genre of vinyl a focus on 1950’s – 1960’s – 1970’s 1980’s Disco above you can call a Reggae Disco selection. Picture 1376Picture 1368Picture 892albums_covers300albums_covers061albums_covers066albums_covers081albums_covers068albums_covers067albums_covers069albums_covers082albums_covers091albums_covers086albums_covers087albums_covers116albums_covers088albums_covers113albums_covers115albums_covers458albums_covers389


About kidpecos

Pecos Sound System plays a vinyl music sound featured around the memories of the music whiling being a youth until now. Kid Pecos of Pecos Sound System has a lot of vinyl records for those searching for that special selection for your set, or listening groove. You can contact me with interest at pecossoundsystem@reggaetrain Thanks for passing to your guilding selecta Kid Pecos

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