Kid Pecos Trail Pecos Sound System Floating A Wave Of Positive Energy From Old Town Dances Back Towards With New Items For The Flea Market With Jarvis Pecos For Round 3 Of World Wide Vinyl Sell Off Update With All Genre Vinyl Spinning Reggae Selections By Pecos Sound Along Side Kutchie Love The Sound From Up Above Holding Down Vinyl By Grade Electronic – Female Vocals – Mellow – Hip Hop – 70’s – Party – Country – Experimental – Funk & TL Sound Reggae Dancehall

Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System sends out warm greetings to all crew. Closing out the Vanderwagen set Kid Pecos thanks all who visited the set. This post will be rounding out the world wide vinyl sell off update.. More all genre vinyl will be added. Check some off the older stops for vinyl that is offered on the new vinyl selling rounds. Visit some of the last spots TL Sound Reggae Dancehall jammed sets at. Make a flea market stop are 2. Now rest just pulling into Gallup.NM  area. Next light try and run down some of fans, bar, club owner in the entertainment district. Bounce to DJ’s hosting some of the dances. Picture 252 Kid Pecos will be adding a few new waves vinyl. Trying to stay focused on what for a sound would be best more vinyl records to play. With thought of sets, or lots if you see a wave or to say a set or a few that you think would fit your mix you an let kid pecos know which ones that you would like. Having an all genre sound system a DJ can have or Kid Pecos would think needs lots of tunes to play. A vinyl collector can find a deep selection for their collection. Some tunes are really rare. Showing sets when available helps to show more choices at once. For a wave of tunes os sound so to say “The Mix” sounds solid.Kid Pecos main genre being reggae more thoughts or put with that mix.albums_covers2999  albums_covers2261 Still all genre Pecos Sound System puts as much energy into.With music of the 1970’s into the 1980’s being heard all around this area a little more knowledge is into. With 1980’s being more the time of starting to collect the sounds that fit a mix. Teddy Pendergrass title: Joy label: Elektra year: 1988′ was 1 of the artist sounds that was out in the late 1970’s into the 80’s and beyond. Kid Pecos will be adding an all genre vinyl selection. Now sort of leaving the Oldies’ saying 1950′ 1960’s more on the LP side now going through a Dance Vinyl set. 1970’s & 80’s on the LP’s with some 1950’s – 60’s. Will be adding or can say but will be adding working on more 7″ in 1950’s – 60’s and will be adding both on this post. Sort of found a box of older 7″ had not tripped on or to say listened to them in a while.. Will be putting reggae sound system vinyl on. Kid Pecos always thinks of the reggae movement. The reggae artist with the music that was created played and enjoyed by all. That is what try’s to be shown with all the vinyl. Reggae will go more into parts of the scene from tiime to time. Trying to say how from Pecos Sound they can be placed into the reggae scene. Some items from Pecos Jarvis Flea Market will be added. albums_covers2702Picture 116Picture 111Picture 329Kid Pecos back in the 1970’s jamming music. M ow for vinyl Pecos Sound System is working on sets of tunes. Sets of tunes meaning several selections of tunes that can fit close to the sane vibe. A few sets in the dance genre may have a slight more tunes mixed in genre in general to go to a more Dance Vinyl type of mix sound “You can think Club Mix Dance  Sound.” The sound can try to fit your type of mix sound in all genre, but for the  Dance Vinyl Sound and can say with Reggae Dancehall Vinyl for specialty genre and all genre – formats. With only a few more new group for awhile must tunes will listed 1 by 1 you get sort of place it into a mix. albums_covers151  A country vinyl selection. Kid Pecos did find a wave of Country 7″ for the most part for the set thought. Will add it soon plus a few single selections like this 1. Country music Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System usually plays a Country Music Dance Set or Party in the big Cities like the Amarillo Texas last Country Dance. In dance party like Old Town Vanderwagen singles can be :Let in selcta”.artist: Hank Crawford Jr.- Prides Not Hard To Follow – label: MGM Picture 1039 Kid Pecos will be adding a few items for Jarvis Pecos Flea Market. Still have some more Japanese Dancehall Queens shoes to list. Now working on a TL Sound Reggae Dancehall vinyl set. The reggae set last post touched on Echo Tone Hi – Fi Sound Crews Set featuring General Echo they played a wave in Jamaica with world wide vibes late 1970’s early 1980’s. With the type of lyrics General Echo started to put out under the term that would later be used called “Slackness” General Echo did release some early Roots DJ chanting classics mixed around versions. General Echo with Echo Tone Hi -Fi Sound System played a crucial roll in the sound system – DJ culture early 1980;s on. albums_covers2690 albums_covers2691albums_covers525albums_covers2351albums_covers2617albums_covers2516albums_covers2699 albums_covers2509albums_covers2698 Kid Pecos will be adding some dance vinyl. This is what makes the dancevinyl be under the club vinyl sound. When major DJ’s are sent out early pressing of artist works hoping to get the club fan;s into these songs. Pecos Sound System plays a more older rare press with a focus on older saying for dance genre tunes for the most part 2008′ back saying to the the 1980’s.albums_covers529Kid Pecos will be listing an all genre sound. albums_covers828 With some 78 RPM selections. Pecos Sound System has lot’s of these for that Historical sound. Started in on some mostly 1970’s LP’s with a few 80’s. More on the hit popular from there release time hits. Back in that time albums were 1 of the main ways for getting music of artist, labels, genres. With 1 or more songs becoming hits. It seemed people enjoyed a song in numbers. Hearing it on the radio, club made people want to purchase albums. 7″ was in the same type of way. For albums the had terms like Gold, Platinum, Double Platinum, Triple Platinum terms to describe a certain amount of the albums that where sold.Some selling 500,000 copies up to 1,000,000. Selling 1 edition titles in high numbers, hearing songs off of them sort of seemed like people in high numbers knew these songs from the hit albums. CD.s nothing was wrong with them they did seem to create the same buzz around hit songs. For the main new wave of 1990’s on listeners of music they would know more of the true impact on the hit CD’s of that time of 1990’s on.albums_covers2808 1970’s released some nice sounding LP’s. This vibe Kid Pecos can place into the sounds a bit better than the earlier era of 1960’s back that era has a solid musical vibe if you are trying to study the sounds of early recordings..The images are slightly off, but in a way they seem to show how the vibe will be heard from the albums are LP’s. To sort of close out Round 3 of the World Wide Vinyl Sell Off – # A new music collector out of South America has emerged. Today @kidpecos read a post aboat the South America countries collecting lot’s of vinyl for local Disco’s so to say Dance Parties. Still with the Culture Music of the countries at the heart of scene, now an understanding of the dance – vocal styles of a world wide vinyl sound. A Major DJ from Brazil grabbed a tune for the Rio De Janeiro Disco Tec – Carnival Scene by Latin Active – A Lighter Shade Of Brown Picture 650Picture 651Picture 652Picture 653

Picture 654Picture 655Picture 656Picture 657Picture 581  (OUT OF STOCK)Picture 602Picture 582 *OUT OF STOCK(Picture 607Picture 583 (OUT OF STOCK)Picture 603Picture 340Picture 604Picture 584 (OUT OF STOCK)Picture 605 Picture 606Picture 79Picture 84Picture 83Picture 85Historical photos of those that created the Pecos Sound Vibe. Searched through the sound mostly dance, classical. Reggae usually go through some mostly newer selections trying to place them into the overall vibe. Having a large collection of vinyl with only so many hours to enjoy the music a Vinyl Collector may not quit be able to to trip on or to say listen to some for a while. That like today trying to find a record for some 1 wanting to know the condition all the selections made kid pecos think “Wow these are really some heavy selections being a wide range choices.” Like thinking and people kind of say that is a good time to try and get items of whatever degree to people looking for items like them. That is why the idea of bulk sets is route kid pecos choose. For some DJ’s especially on the club partying scene to make a reputation for DJ-ing they would want to have the latest selections or selections other Sounds may not have. Plus a wide selection of most hits, some slightly older tunes is a good mix. For Pecos Sound dj’ing the focus is more a specialty sound featuring a more older sound. Sort of opposite than most Dj’s going from older to more older than present year sort of at least a 2 year back to 8 years or more. For Pecos Sound it is the knowledge of the vibe of selections. Well back to the dance vinyl club scene – thoughts, these selections would have fit that for their release dates, still rare hard to find now, also now fitting into the type of vibe mentioned for how Pecos Sound plays for reggae.  albums_covers029albums_covers610 albums_covers2071albums_covers985albums_covers658albums_covers2082 albums_covers2083  albums_covers241 albums_covers233Out of the 1950’s LP era a lot of TV shows host hostess recorded some albums. Close to Sound Tracks, Comedy featuring more singing type or spoken words for the album. For Pecos Sound System or pecossoundsystem tyring to gather a slice of most of these recordings is what Kid Pecos try’s to show. If a collector enjoys studying listening to vinyl this is a nice genre. This California Radio station now plays a more Jazz Genre. In the late 1990’s while Pecos Sound System was playing Northern California scene they where saying they were in the process of digital recording there vinyl records. When like Kid Pecos has noted the enjoyment of listening to the radio in all genres of music. While searching for a few vinyl or collectable items Kid Pecos noticed a huge collection of vinyl albums from this California Radio station. The collection featured a lot of 1960’s Demos, Radio Editions of albums. Most tend to be in that popular hit term kid pecos uses. For the labels like with the club DJ’s this got the new for there time releases heard by music fans. albums_covers187albums_covers188albums_covers189albums_covers221albums_covers185albums_covers186 Kid Pecos is working on a few more vintage hand crafted items for Jarvis Pecos Flea Market. As kid pecos sort of says when leaving the house or a location using a sort of old western saying “Heading on up to Yah-Ta-Hey” try to play a set. Maybe a Soul Disco 1970’S vinyl groove can add a few special world – country mixed in. Most sets will feature TL Sound Reggae Dancehall for the special vibe. An opening in Gallup may fit. Now “J” relaxing a bit getting thoughts together for the upcoming warm outdoor sets. Cold windy out now below 20 degrees winds have been blowing over 25 knots at times.albums_covers590.jpg albums_covers591albums_covers592albums_covers593albums_covers123albums_covers125albums_covers126albums_covers121albums_covers586albums_covers587albums_covers043 albums_covers135 albums_covers588albums_covers589 Kid Pecos is still listing sets of vinyl close in style of music. Mailing out a few selections at once makes it a little easier. This way the price can be lower. Picture 985Picture 986Picture 891Picture 1004Picture 987Picture 892Picture 988Picture 988Picture 893Picture 832 Kid Pecos is working on a few grooves until post up the next dance party set. Get a few vinyl tune sets ready for when the party vibe gets to flowing. Being a DJ a lot of time spent listening to tunes. A peaceful time enjoying the music. At times like with above books you can read a bit. Reading like back in the day after making a cassette tape. Having a 60 – 90 or 110 minute tape that a DJ could have put a new mix to made it a bit easier. Now a days kid pecos do not quit make new cassette tapes. To really get back into studying the mixes for the sound – vibe it would not be bad to hopefully soon do again.  Picture 13Picture 359 Picture 375Picture 518Picture 87Picture 281Picture 304Picture 252 Picture 255Picture 140Picture 253Picture 468Picture 502Picture 491 Kid Pecos is now able to play a Dance Mix set around Tohatchi NM. a little Dance – Soul – 1970’s – Disco – Reggae Dancehall Vinyl. Add the updates for Round 3 of World Wide Vinyl sell off. Getting some the earlier notes of early release Club Vinyl ready for sound. albums_covers2143albums_covers2147albums_covers2221albums_covers2247albums_covers2240Kid Pecos will be adding all type of items. Working hard on spreading the Pecos Sound System vibe world wide. The goal of being a major wholesale or Kid Pecos term “Vinyl In Bulk” dealer. Picture 352Picture 256Picture 258Picture 259Picture 120Picture 260Picture 261Picture 298Picture 262Picture 263Picture 100Picture 131Picture 264Kid Pecos is going through some tunes looking for 1 item. Having a large collection at times 1 or waves of tunes a Dj may have put into the way a sound stores tunes when sort of not playing, while grooving with others a DJ may not quit be able to find 1 selection at times. Not per say for this round it is for a fellow DJ. These tunes had been stored sort of went through about 1 year ago 1 more time around 6 moths ago can not quit remember where the final storage for that wave was. Picture 1283  (OUT OF STOCK)Picture 1052Picture 1070Picture 1062Picture 1286 (OUT OF STOCK)Picture 1038Picture 265Picture 266Picture 267Picture 268Picture 269Picture 1287 (OUT OF STOCK)Picture 1040 Kid Pecos has lot’s of Opera & Classical Vinyl. A bit more tough outside of a special request, benefit type of event to DJ this genre. Kid Pecos does get close to a dozen Classical & Opera events a year. If a Sound System does a Volunteer at a Hospital, a Nursing Retirement Home Classical Opera is a solid genre.  A New Year Eve Ball Room setting it is also if contacted for sure to play this genre it is a solid genre. For listening to it is relaxing. Back in 1993′ Kid Pecos was in a College Classical Music Course, so some times I may say a good music to study. That is sort of how the teacher told us to listen to the music. Met a nice man in that course, can not remember his name, but Kid Pecos thinks of him hoping he is well a very nice young at that time man. If a vinyl collector is looking for Classical & Opera Vinyl you can contact soon Kid Pecos wants to update a wave of Classical, some early 1950’s era Classical and 1960’s -80’s. 1950’s is a little rarer. albums_covers934 Kid Pecos now updates Round 3 Of The World Wide Vinyl sell of # In that U.K. Massive as Kid Pecos likes to think of when sending out positive vibes to Europe, a U.K. vinyl collector got Picture 163Picture 164Picture 165Picture 166Picture 167Picture 168Picture 169Picture 175Picture 176Picture 177Picture 178 (OUT OF STOCK )At times for Kid Pecos of Pecos Sound System gets a few albums but do not quit open them are listen to them. It seems that just the right happy moment would have to come along to listen to them. Kid Pecos back in the day of vinyl people could have a lot of albums guest could look through them and find 1 they would like to hear, so Kid Pecos kept a few unopened. This 1 was 1 like that. Thanks to Newbury  Berkshire U.K. for being a part of Pecos Sound System World Wide Vinyl Sell Off. Picture 1213 Played a nice dance party set around Tohachi NM. Made a few contacts for some future gigs. Picture 1358Picture 901Picture 1359 Still adding Vintage Hand Crafted items for Jarvis Pecos Flea market. Still in range of Gallup Flea Market go out to it Saturdays while still close,  Kid Pecos will stay with adding items for Pecos Jarvis Flea Market off and on. Picture 897 Kid Pecos added most of TL Sound Reggae Dancehall from the Tohatchi party set to been also adding more to it before the Tohatchi set. Kutchie Love The Sound From Above is working on the Dane Vinyl Sound & 78 RPM’s.The new fans would like for the crew to play out by Twin Lakes region. Get some vinyl selections ready for the upcoming party set. Picture 1078Picture 115Picture 179Picture 110Picture 75Picture 140Picture 844 Picture 103Picture 105 Picture 118Picture 508Picture 1074Picture 196Picture 899Picture 905Picture 900Picture 1360Picture 1208Picture 1070Picture 1361

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