Kid Pecos Trail Pecos Sound System Past El Malpais National Conversation Area Closing Out A Wonderful Vinyl Groove Set Along Side Long Time Sound Cat Kutchie Love ex Pecos Sound With TL Sound Raggae Dancehall Around Tinaja El Morro New Mexico Area

Kid Pecos plays a few vinyl grooves for the vinyl sound sell off. A few genres. Being an all vinyl genre sound various era tunes are being being played. 78 RPM are very old. A few years before Kid Pecos main genre of reggae. You can find some really main song titles, artist, labels. Some big labels. Some smaller labels. This format if you enjoy older slightly out of groove is good. Trying to understand how the 78’s were played enjoyed. The radio stations in this era were made to lay 78’s over the air waves this along with just playing hearing them is a piece of the past. Sets of vinyl are nice a type of groove. Most close to 1 another in style. Pecos Sound System over the years like with Pecos Jarvis Flea Market has all type of vinyl. 2016′ can be the year some new selections can get set to play on Samuel Lee Dee Bee Tee Soul Reggae Disco Dance Vinyl 70’s Sound System with the crew being able to add vinyl to sets. Hud-2 vinyl photos 3536 Loose Vinyl set. Some dance 198-‘s Hud-2 vinyl photos 3535 1990’s labels 1 deep 9-‘s grooved pressed OLDIES’ Hud-2 vinyl photos 3534 Kid Pecos plays reggae from the foundation with soul jazz blues the interest in the term Rock N Roll gospel country most radio music from the 1970’s on creating and playing music. 80’s – 89’s 90’s on dance is a solid wave of vinyl sounds. 1970’s had some hit popular artist labels with some special 70’s label. Hud-2 vinyl photos 081Hud-2 vinyl photos 082 Older Style vinyl. A picture nice scene to sort of look at and get lost in with kid pecos thinks of sounds playing on the streets. Hud-2 vinyl photos 084 Hud-2 vinyl photos 083Hud-2 vinyl photos 085Hud-2 vinyl photos 161Hud-2 vinyl photos 086Hud-2 vinyl photos 150Hud-2 vinyl photos 087Hud-2 vinyl photos 3443 A 1990’s dance loose vinyl set solid labels. Hud-2 vinyl photos 3443Hud-2 vinyl photos 3454Hud-2 vinyl photos 124Hud-2 vinyl photos 3444Hud-2 vinyl photos 3556  A set of reggae tunes with a TL Sound Reggae Dancehall vinyl selection. Hud-2 vinyl photos 153Hud-2 vinyl photos 3462Hud-2 vinyl photos 022 A nice Jay Vase nice shine to hand crafted item. Hud-2 vinyl photos 3423Hud-2 vinyl photos 391Hud-2 vinyl photos 3423Hud-2 vinyl photos 3455Hud-2 vinyl photos 3432 A 1990’S deep labels vinyl groove.Hud-2 vinyl photos 3424 Kid Pecos has a few sets of loose vinyl. This being dance 1980’s 90’s solid label sounds with no cover for those sets like above.Hud-2 vinyl photos 3401Hud-2 vinyl photos 3402Hud-2 vinyl photos 3404Hud-2 vinyl photos 3404Hud-2 vinyl photos 008 A Hand Painted Hud-2 vinyl photos 008 Made In Japan Hud-2 vinyl photos 010 Japanese Vase Hud-2 vinyl photos 011Hud-2 vinyl photos 3405Hud-2 vinyl photos 3406Hud-2 vinyl photos 1285Hud-2 vinyl photos 117Hud-2 vinyl photos 3407Hud-2 vinyl photos 112Hud-2 vinyl photos 3408Hud-2 vinyl photos 135Hud-2 vinyl photos 3409Hud-2 vinyl photos 145Hud-2 vinyl photos 3410Hud-2 vinyl photos 155Hud-2 vinyl photos 149Hud-2 vinyl photos 169 Kid Pecos works on playing a few mixes. Just hoping to make a DJ Sound or a Sound System or A vinyl collector collection get a special sound. Collecting vinyl you can find you may end up with a solid mix of tunes. The mid 90’s had a popular slightly before the end of vinyl peak club called The End Up. The reggae night was called Club Dread. With Jah Love Sound System hosting a few DJ’s. The thought just popped up from back in the day. Kid Pecos still play from time to time some of those dancehall tapes. That is what makes vinyl collections good you can find ways to record the tunes later to play them back or like with thoughts create a mix, like old Club Dread tapes from the End Up. Hud-2 vinyl photos 223 Vinyl dance tunes can also create a nice dance mix. Hud-2 vinyl photos 234Hud-2 vinyl photos 268Hud-2 vinyl photos 269Hud-2 vinyl photos 183Hud-2 vinyl photos 186Hud-2 vinyl photos 199Hud-2 vinyl photos 196Hud-2 vinyl photos 043Hud-2 vinyl photos 275Hud-2 vinyl photos 276Hud-2 vinyl photos 279Hud-2 vinyl photos 309Hud-2 vinyl photos 141Hud-2 vinyl photos 138Hud-2 vinyl photos 396Hud-2 vinyl photos 252Hud-2 vinyl photos 391Hud-2 vinyl photos 255Hud-2 vinyl photos 576Hud-2 vinyl photos 529Hud-2 vinyl photos 529Hud-2 vinyl photos 583

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Pecos Sound System plays a vinyl music sound featured around the memories of the music whiling being a youth until now. Kid Pecos of Pecos Sound System has a lot of vinyl records for those searching for that special selection for your set, or listening groove. You can contact me with interest at pecossoundsystem@reggaetrain Thanks for passing to your guilding selecta Kid Pecos

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