Vinyl, LP’S Of The Disco Era Featuring Oldies From The 1950’s – 1960’s

Pecos Sound System will now start to list some disco era artist music. The disco era was a time that saw people going out dancing to the hit songs of that era. Vinyl records had started to replace 78RPM playing disc. Single 7′ records with lp’s or long playing albums were available. To me Kid Pecos this would give the music, artist fan a chance to hear their music before you would see them live. At a disco party you could hear the main stars with a mix of 1 big hit artist. This would sadly replace the live Big Band dance party of the 1940’s and earlier. Big Band people would dance the same way only all the music was live. The disco era gave the people a chance to be around other people wanting to dance. Meeting new friends to enjoy an evening out. This era created much of what the club scene would by the mid 1980’s become until now. This set of sounds is different than my other post. Most are lp’s. Some nice sort of kicking back to get into sounds before a good mix can be put in. The 1970’s some of the artist I have heard others I had to trip on first. The 70’s sound is definitely in the the music. The 1950’s – 1960’s was a new sound for me. Those I wanted mainly to see what the music would sound like the dj set we call older tunes. Like with other post it will take Kid Pecos awhile to get them in a set way. A few of these albums are from radio stations. When recording albums to the digital format started they would donate them when completed. Some went off the air waves in the same digital time. These will have a radio station name mark on the cover, label. The other post I am still listing tunes. Join the email link if you would like to know when a set is ready to post. Thank You, for reading this and your input. #1 artist: Frankie Avalon label: De-Lite title: Venus year: 1976′ full album radio station sleeve clear tape on whole cover picture of artist on both sides. #2 artist: Earl Grant label: Decca title: Midnight Sun year: maybe late 50’s early 60’s radio station promo clear tape on whole cover company sleeve picture on the cover all early instrumental music full album.#2A artist: Earl Klugh label: Liberty title: Late Night Guitar year: 1980′ foll album sleeve. #3 artist: The Brother Four label: Columbia year: 1963′ radio station tape on whole cover picture on the cover company sleeve splitting early 60’s band group full album. #4 artist: Earl Klugh label: United Artists Records title: Heart String year: 1979′ full album picture on the cover company sleeve instrumental dance. #5 artist: Ray Conniff His Orchestra And Chorus label: Columbia title: You Make Feel So Young year: 1960’s full album tape on top part of cover picture on the cover company sleeve Stereo 360 Sound instrumental oldies sound. #6 artist: Lou Rawls label: Philadelphia International Records title: All Things In Time year: 1976′ full album picture on the cover company sleeve major vocal artist band sound. #7 artist: Peter Paul and Mary label: Warner Bros year: 1960’s full album tape parts splits dj marks on cover darker back cover picture on the cover rare monophonic press major 60’s band singing group. #8 artist: Andy Gibb label: RSO Records title: Flowing Rivers year: 1977′ picture on the cover no sleeve major disco artist. #9 artist: Tony Sandler & Ralph Young label: Capitol Records title: On The Move year: 1960’s New Improved Full Dimensional Stereo full album company sleeve vocals with jazz dance sound. #10 Bobby Vinton label: ABC Records title: The Bobby Vinton Show year: 1875′ songs song live on his TV show. #11 artist: Supertramp label: AM Records title: Breakfast In America year: 1975′ full album sleeve. #12 artist: Toyota Jazz Parade Dixie/Rock mixed artist label: RCA year: 1978′ a special press fold out album cover full album sleeve. #13 artist: Al Hirt label: RCA Victor title: In Love With You full album radio station promo cover taped all the way company sleeve early dance instrumental trumpet. 13A Al Hirt with Henri Rene And His Orchestra label: King Of Trumpets RCA Victor A New Orthophonic High Fidelity Recording title: The Greatest Horn In The World year: 1961′ full album company sleeve. #13B artist: Al Hirt label: RCA Victor Mono Dynagroove title: Cotton Candy year: 1964′ full album company sleeve. #14 artist: Perry Como label: RCA Victor Dynaflex title: I Think Of You year: 1974′ full album plain sleeve. #15 artist: Donna Summer label: Casablanca title: Once Upon A Time year: 1977′ fold out 2 record set original sleeves with the words to the songs red dj mark on the cover. #16 artist: Ray Conniff label: Columbia title: Say You, Say Me year: 1986′ full album plain sleeve a musical take of hit disco dance songs. #17 artist: Jerome Kern label: Ffrr London Long Playing Full Frequency Range Recording title: The Music Of Jerome Kern also listed Stanley Black Conducting The Kingsway Promenade Orchestra Orchestrations by Wally Stott year: late 1950’s cover has tape no sleeve style dance music. #18 artist: 101 Strings label: Somerset High Fidelity title: The Emotion Of 101 Strings at Gypsy Campfires year: 1950’s full album cover has tape no sleeve dancing ladies on the cover popular series of string instrument recordings spanning several decades. #19 artist: Dino Olivieri label: Capitol Records High Fidelity title: Two In A Gondola The Romantic Music Of Venice year: 1950′ maybe 1960’s full album slight tape company sleeve. #20 artist: Kate Smith label: RCA Victor Dynagroove Recording title: The Sweetest Sounds year: 1964′ full album company sleeve slight tape on cover early classic vocal dance sound. #21 artist: Orchestra And Chorus Directed By Jack de Mello label: Music Of Polynesia Inc. title: The Wonderful World Of Aloha year: late 1950’s early 1960’s style full album fold out cover sleeve slight tape on cover. #22 artist: The Ray Charles Singers label: Command Records title: A-Di-Ll And Other Extra Special Songs For Young Lovers year: 1964′ full album radio stamp year on cover label clear tape on most of cover special fold out cover. #23 artist: Grover Washington, JR. label: Elektra year: 1980′ title: Winelight full album Grover picture on the sleeve. Here are a few disco long playing singles. With the disco era came lots of dancing. In the late 1970’s long playing singles on 12” size records were starting to hit the disco scene. Some popular dances developed around this longer playing single. Dances like the Bump, The Hustle with lots of free style moves. #24 artist: Village People label: Casablanca song: side 1 Y.M.C.A. side 2 Macho Man year: 1978′ Polygram company cover sleeve classic disco era tunes. #25 artist: Five Special label: Elektra song: Why Leave Us Alone two versions 1 a little jumpy the other slight jump it is a disco classic jumpy dance mix deep groove on surface year: 1979′ company special disco single cover no sleeve. #26 artist: Undisputed Truth label: Whitfield Records songs side 1 Let’s Go Down To The Disco side 2 You + Me + Love year: 1976′ company cover sleeve Special 45-rpm full length disco record on the cover disco mix stereo on the label.                                                                                                                      Now, Kid Pecos will list a set of older records mostly 1960’s with a few 1950’s and a 1970  mixed in. For most of these they do not have a date listed on them. The covers of this set some have tape. Most do not have sleeves. The vinyl is a little grooved so, to say they may have marks, scratches,  surface marks on them. The sound is good with slight noise. A classic sound for the 40+  years they have been around for our enjoyment. #27 artist:  Bing Crosby title: Bing A Musical Autobiography Of  Bing Crosby With Buddy Cole And His Trio 1027-1974 label: Decca cover has tape no sleeve a little jumpy cover number DL 9054. #28  artist: Ambassador’s Marching Band title: Let’s March Along label: Golden Tone Stereo tape on the cover sleeve late 1950’s favorite type of music cover number 14082. #29 artist: The Band Of The Regimental Guard     title: Famous Military Marches By The Regimental Guards Marching Brass label: Celebrity Stereophonic tape on the cover no sleeve 1ST song side A may not play no sleeve late 1950’s label number UTS 150. #30 artist: Peter Duchin label: Decca Stereophonic title: Invitation Peter Duchin His Piano And Strings small piece of tape no sleeve 1960’s label number DL 74471. #31 artist: George Shearing label: Capitol title: The Best Of George Shearing no sleeve year: 1975′ cover number SM 2104. #32 artist: Johnny Long and His Orchestra label: Vocalion title: In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town no sleeve cover number VL 73746. #33 artist: Glenn Miller Orchestra  label: Epic Stereo title: Great Songs Of  The 60’s Glenn Miller Time no sleeve seems to be 1960’s press label number BN 26157. #34 artist: Ernie Heskscher label: Verve title: Let’s Dance With Ernie At The Cotillion Ball year: 1959′ tape on most of the cover no sleeve cover number MG V-4033.  #35 artist: George Ryan label: Modern title: Organ Gems George Ryan At The Organ 1960’s tape on most of the cover no sleeve cover number MLP 7011. #36 artist: Lester Lanin And His Orchestra Featuring The Dancing Pianos label: Epic title: Dancing Theatre Party  1960’s no sleeve cover number LN 24016. #37 artist: Anson Weeks And His Orchestra label: Fantasy High Fidelity title: Memories Of Dancin’  With Anson year: early 60’s? slight tape on the cover no sleeve mark on the picture special red vinyl cover number Fantasy 3269. Kid Pecos will now list a slightly different wave of tunes. Some have sleeves, a few matching sound, some on the early album press.  A special type of selections. To dj under this title a few mixes can be played. A few maybe late 1950’s to early 1960’s. Also with this group I will list some different albums into different cover. Some times when a vinyl record buyer like myself buys records they may be loose records, no sleeves, no covers, wrong records, some of these before I am finished with post will be in. #38 artist: Pete Fountain label: Vocalion Stereo  title: Pete Fountain Plays And The Angels Sing label number vl 73803  good cover sleeve. #39 Pete Fountain label: Guest Star Records Stereo title: Broadway To Bourbon ST. The Original New Orleans Sound label number: GS 1451 cover is good light fade no sleeve(1950’s modern jazz sound). #40 various artist: Sania Poustylnicof / 101 Strings / Mariachis Del Oro / Curro Amaya Flamencos label: Somerset High Fidelity title: Gypsy Music From All Over The World year: 1962′  cover number P-15600 tape on most of the cover no sleeve. #41 artist: Viennese Colonnade Orchestra label: Crown Records High Fidelity title: Viennese Waltz Time label number CP 5428 shrink wrap but split with tape in 1 area  no sleeve original price  sticker. #42 artist: Ernie Heckscher and His Fairmont Orchestra label: Verve Records Hi-Fi title: Dancing On Broadway label number MG V-4050 taped cover no sleeve. #43 artist: Andre Kostelanetz and his Orchestra label: Columbia title: Music Of Cole Porter year: 1955′ label number CL 729 slight tape no sleeve dj stamp on cover. #44 artist: Mantovani and his Orchestra label: London Ffrr Stereophonic title: Strauss Waltzes cover number PS 119 good cover  original sleeve. #45 artist: Mantovani and his Orchestra  label: London Ffrr Records title: Monty cover number MS 1 a slightly older label style than the first cover is mostly taped no sleeve Limited Edition on the cover. #46 artist: Hugo Winterhalter and his Orchestra label; RCA Victor  title: Wish You Were Here label number  LPM-1904  a good cover small piece of tape sleeve. # 47 artist: Pablo Cruise label; AM title: A Place In The Sun year: 1977′  good cover a special picture cover sleeve. #48 artist: Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians label: Phase 4 Records  title: Every Night Is New Year’s Eve Live At The Waldorf Astoria year: 1973′  nice special cover folds out with pictures sleeve(a special 2 record set with no cover into this cover artist: Guy Lombardo label: Readers’s Digest title: The Best Of Guy Lombardo year: 1975′ a special 2 record set).

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