A Solid Dance Tune Set

Here are a few dance tunes. Over the many years of collecting vinyl I have found all genres of music. Reggae is my specialty. Being a teenager in the 1980’s I heard most of the musical sounds of that time. In the 1990’s until now I still enjoy most music. I must say for music other than reggae I find the 1970’s music the best listening to music. Just to say when it was being newly released. From a child point of hearing them on the radio are on records being played. This set of tunes are only in plain sleeves with no covers. #1 artist: Koshen label: Moksha Recordings song: Catch Year: 2000′ U.K. press U.K. garage breakbeat. #2 artist: East 17 label: London Ffrr song: side 1 #1 Danny Tanagalia House Mix #2 Danny Tanaglia Edit side 2 #1 Lenny’s B’s Classic Vocal Mix year: 1995′ promo copy. #3 artist: Bic Popsicle label: Goodbeats title: Gimme Some Sugar EP songs this side Shakin’ (dub) DJ Mes The Steel Finger Chronic Illness that side Ellafintidis Moody Eva Peace Funk Russell Vargas year: 2002′ San Francisco Bay Area music. #4 artist Naked Music song Test label: white label with logo year ?. #5 artist: side A SKC side AA Wrisk label: Gain Recordings songs side A Sik Jam side AA Gain Plan year: 2002′ U.K. press drum and bass white label sticker 1 side 33rpm orther 45rpm. #6 artist: Dennis Ferrer label: Mad House title: Ghetto Discotek Building songs: side A #1 So Beautiful vocals by Anthony Flannagan #2 Shoot! side B #1 Is This Real #2 On My Way year: 2001′ electronic house deep house garage house sort of best for mixing. #7 artis: Audiowhores label: Celebrity Records title: House Music All Night songs: this side Original Mix that side Deegees Remix year 2002′ white label sticker U.S. electronic house some surface marks best for mixing. #8 artist: Pretty Poison label: Virgin songs side A When I Look Into Your Eyes Dance Mix Hip Hop Mix side B Nighttime Welcome To Our House Mix When I Look Into Your Eyes Bonus Scratch Beats year 1988′ 1980’s classic slight wear. #9 artist: Chaman label Chaman Records title: There’s Something Magic year: 2001′ best for mixing pressed in Spain. #10 artist: Dynamic Seven label: Sugar Hill song Shame Shame Shame year 1983′ classic early rap hip hop from the East Coast promotional copy. #11 artist: Hipp-E label: Nightshift Recordings songs: side A1 Blacker Than side B2 feat. Jimpster Remix Blacker Than year:(?) San Francisco Bay Area music. #12 artist: (?) label: A Touch Of Class title: The Rock EP songs: 01 Rockin’ Dub 02 Rockin’ Vox 03 Michael Rocks mostly plain black label with logo. AN UPDATE to this post. Kid Pecos would like to thank the people that have read pecossoundsystem.wordpress.com blog. Hopefully you will leave a comment or follow blog via email. I will work on trying to get your comments on the blog. The wordpress.com instructions said that it is important to answer all comments. Like with a true live sound system we need what is called a (Posse). People who support sounds, DJ’s to help them expand through our common enjoyment of music. This next set of 20 are so tunes is dedicated to the kid pecos of pecossoundsystem posse. If in the future you would care to share the state are country that you are in kid pecos would find this interesting to list the general area the posse is at. Thanks, this ends this update. This set like the others with no covers only in sleeves. #1 artist: Joe Smooth feat. Kookie Scoot label: ABM title: He’LL Lift You Up side C Joe Smooth(Vocal Mix) side D 1 Joe Smooth(Dub Mix) 2 Mike Dunn(Dub Mix) year: 1996′. #2 artist: Shuffle Inc. feat. Troy Lampkin label: Music Station side A Till The Mornin’ Vocal Ride side B Till The Mornin’ 1 Vocal Dub 2 Bass Dub year: 1997′ Englewood,NJ sound. #3 artist: Nu Blue label: Music Institute Records Saxy E.M. side A 1 Saxy 2 Sound Of My Life side B Latino 2 Rising Sun year: 1999′. #4 artist: Ken Sport label: Cisco Music Inc. side X 2 dj marks on the title Opendo Ni Pamoja sort off on part spelling of 1st word side XX R.O.C.K./Soul Unlimited year: 1999′ Woodland Hills,CA sound. #5 artist: Mr.A.L.I. featuring Carla Prather label: Nite Lite Collective title: Midnight Interlude side A Midnight Interlude(Original Mix) side B 1 Midnight Interlude(Flashback Mix) 2 Midnight Interlude(Jere’s Simple Soul Mix) http://www.dusttraxx.com classic Chicago House sound 1 side 33RPM other 45RPM. #6 artist: Pure Phunk label: Honolulu United songs: LA: 80 Bei Nasse LE 1: Wake Up LE 2: Let Da Good Times Roll Canada press. #7 artist: Sea Foam label: Stretch 2 Activate songs here: Hybrid there: Lowtech year: 1999′ Denver.Colorado house music scene. #8 artist: Starpoint label: Elektra songs: side A He Wants My Body Vocal Extended Remix/ Instrumental side B He Wants My Body Vocal/LP Version Satisfy My Lover Vocal LP Version year: 1987′. #9 artist: David Drone label: Celebrity Records title: The Moving Styles EP songs: 1 Just Enough 2 Stereophonic artist: Bryan Gerrard songs: 1 Your Love 2 G.T.L.(I’m feeling) year: 2000′ dance sound. #10 artist: Joy-Boys label: white label with artist title only sticker title: Golden. #11 artist: Dissent label: Wide Hive Remixed title: Bleeding Together somgs: this side Kaskade Remix that side DJ Eli Remix year: 2002′ San Francisco music American House. #12 artist E-Smoove VS Ron Carroll Body Music WMC white label sticker Dust Traxx Inc. title: Take Me Up songs A1 E-Smoove Church Vocal A2 E-Smoove Church Dub B1 5AM(THE afterhours Anthem) year: 2001′ with Keyboards Paul Electronic/House. #13 artist: David Harness & Charles Spencer label: Loveslap Recordings title: The Taboo Jazz EP songs: a1 Breezy’s Groove a2 Tribal Stomp b1 Taboo Jazz year: 2004′ white label with sticker genre: Dance sub: House. #13a artist: Mr. A.L.I. label: Loveslap Recordings title: Rial love side 1 Rial Flute Mix slap side 1 Rial Moog Mix year: 2002′ DJ sheet http://www.loveslap.com genre: Dance DJ Elecronic sub: Deep House. #14 artist: Daisy Glow label: Zoe Music song cat side 1 Give It All 2 Sunday In The Park daisy side Theme From Daisy Glow year: 1992′ San Francisco set. #15 artist Afterdark Inc. label: Tango songs A1 Boom B1 Keep On Dancing year: unknown Berkeley, CA label. #16 artist: Nature Love label: Nuyoshi Records title: Krazy this side 1 Uncommon’s Live Mix logo side 1 Extended Mix 2 Instrumental year: 2002′. #17 artist: Chris Simmonds EP label: white label Dark And Steady songs side A No More Talking side AA The Way U Want 2 Be. year: unknown soltd act. To close out this special set #18 artist: Calm label: Revirth title: Organ Language EP3 songs: side A 1 Talk Without Lips 2 Song Of Too Young side B 1 Respiration For The Forest 2 Kagure(sex dub) by Calm Japan label year: 2002′ Electronic House/Dub white label with sticker. #19 artist/label D.Kay/Casali white label both sides 45RPM’. #20 artist: Chris Lum label: Nightshift Recordings title: Get Connected EP songs: A1 Can We Get Connected B1 Connect To Deepness B2 Child Of The Beat white label sticker label sticker dj mark year: 2002′ genre: American Tech-House sub: Deep house. #21 artist: unknown label:Mood Rotation title: Morning A vocal B Instrumental white label sticker made in England both sides are 45RPM’ slightly jumpy. #22 artist: Vincent Kwok & D’Layne label: Eight-Fifteen Recordings title: Rumors A1 The Al- Ti-Tood Mix B1 DJ Mir’s Future Mix B2 Jazzy Dub white label sticker dj marks slight jumpy maybe an England press artist label. #23 artist/label Chez #024 white label year: 2002′. If you are interested in this set are 1 tune contact me at kidpecos@att.net.

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Pecos Sound System plays a vinyl music sound featured around the memories of the music whiling being a youth until now. Kid Pecos of Pecos Sound System has a lot of vinyl records for those searching for that special selection for your set, or listening groove. You can contact me with interest at pecossoundsystem@reggaetrain Thanks for passing to www.pecossoundsystem.com your guilding selecta Kid Pecos

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