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Kid Pecos List TL Sound Reggae Dancehall

Kid Pecos will be listing a reggae dancehall set called TL Sound Reggae Dancehall or tlsoundreggaedancehall. Featuring the hottest bashment, 1990’s, 1980’s early digital, classic roots, dancehall tunes. Single 7” vinyl for soundsystems, selectors, DJ’S, reggae dancehall fans. If you have been searching for that real reggae dancehall mix to help make you a Ranking Sound this is for you. If you enjoy have true reggae dancehall playing around you this is the perfect mix. Kid Pecos will list 2 set of tunes. The 1ST will be a round of new tunes. They have only been played on http://www.pecossoundsystem.com to check for sound quality. Placing only the best into this sound. This set is more a repress some might be original press all new played no more than 7 times. The next set are mostly original press soundsystem cuts. These are set for best sound quality. Using years of studying and applying my special secret way to get them at the best quality. With most vinyl it can have some noise, label damage, marks. Like with the 1ST Kid Pecos tries to put only the best sounding tunes out. Some will have some noise, pops, jumps real soundsystem reggae dancehall style. With the original press set there will be what I term(OLDIES). Reggae dancehall classics from the 1960’s to the early 1990’s. This set over the years of being on soundsystems needed to worked back for the best sound quality. Only the very best will be listed. Study this set to see which ones you like. Contact me for how to get 1 or more to fit your sound. Thank You. Here We Go! This is a group of mostly 2 artist, 2 vocal version of a song. Good to have for tunes to keep the dance floor jammed. A few will have musical sides, miss prints. #1 artist: Lexxus song: Thru Yuh Cute / Zum Jay (x-rated lyrics) on Lexxus label: No Doubt Music ‘Ole Mexican Riddim’. #2 artist: T.O.K. song: Turnin Me On / G. Maffiah Cah Stop Me (swirls on surface) label: Sean Nizzle Records. #8 artist: Vybz Kartel King Fi Di Place / K-Yos Tight So(both sides x-rated) label: Drop Di Bass. #3 artist: Vybz Kartel song side A Mek A Toast side B Call Me(lackness x-rated side A lady vocal this cut jumps a bit) year: 2006′ label: Reggae Republic. #4 artist: T.O.K. song: Do It / Bay C version ‘Black Rain Version'(Bad Man Tune slight pop middle vocals) label: Bomb Rush Records. #5 artist: Vybz Kartel & D’Angel song: Baby Daddy / ‘Klampute Riddim’ by Sean ‘SeanNizzle’ Reid(lovers song type) label: Free Willy. #6 Vybz Kartel song: Caan I Look Woman / Mattick featuring Jabba(dancehall cut dub slight jump) label: Danga Zone. #7 artist: Major Christie & Harry Toddler song: Promise / version ‘Rage Rhythm’ by Jazwad year: 1999′ label: Cyltoan Records. #9 artist: Vegas Hands In The Sky / Snow Cone Pum Pum Fat(edges are sort of off sharp) label: Builders. #10 artist: Kash & Xcaliba song: Young Girl / Black Beat Tune by Basement Aggregation(slight warp jump at end bad) year: 2000′ label: Basement. #11 artist: Kid Kurrupt song: Tek Time / Marlon Basch song: Bachelor year: 2006′ label: 220 Marcus Drive. #12 artist: Sizzla & Mark Wonder song: Ain’t That Loving You / Version(adapted vocal slight jump) label: Zagalou Records. #13 artist: Frisco Kid song: Grine It Off / Nicky B song: Roll Out(both sides have jump spots boom dancehall reggae tunes) label: Blaxxx. #14 artist: Mad Cobra song: Anything Raw/Edit(slight jump) label: Mentally Disturbed. #15 artist: Turbulance song: Forgive Me / Crazy Babylon Rhythm(both sides have vocals) label: True Born Production. #16 artist: Crissy D song: Love U Bad / Raymond Wright song: I Do Love You(lovers tunes) label: Live Wire Productions. #17 Artist: Sizzla featuring Wayne Marshall song: Rising / Hawkeye song: Dem Seh label: Loud Disturbance. #18 artist: Sizzla song: Kick It On Dem / ‘Zero Tolerance Riddim'(slight jump) year: 2002’ label: Annex. #19 artist: Harry Toddler song: Mi Dear Child / ‘Jiggy Version'(jumps on last part of vocals) year: 1998′ label: Mo Music. #20 artist: Kiprich song: Wine’N’ / Monster Twinz song: Babylon A Talk(both sides jumpy bad tunes) http://www.massiveb.com label: Massive B. #21 artist: Christopher Martin song: Donor / Elephant Man song War Is On(surface marks on vinyl) label: Fresh Ear Productions. #22 artist: Sluggy Ranks song: Nothing In The World(a reggae dancehall great artist) / Ed Robinson song: Not Only The Good Die Young label: Wild Apache. #23 artist: Ward 21 song: Sick Head / Elephant Man song: We No Pet Dem(noise press jumps) label: VP Records #24 artist: Ward 21 with Bling Dawg song: Ask Somebody / Cylinthia Hasfal song: Hang Up(label sleeve had a store sticker on it) label: Real Music. #25 artist: Bounty Killer song: In A Mi Bed(Raw/Edit slight jump) ‘Purple Skunk Riddim’ year: 2003′ label Purple Skunk. #26 artist: Beenie Man song: Erase Your Mind / Cappuccino song: Being There(slight jump) label: Stone Cold. #27 artist: Pinchers song: Medley / Pam Hall song: Medley(adapted) ‘Deseases Riddim’ year: 2006′ label: Roaring Lion Records. #28 artist: Turbulence song: Can’t Get Me Down / ‘Duct Tape Instrumental’ has vocals(surface marks side B jumps) label: Specialist Sound Productions Inc.. #29 artist: Mr. Lex song: Log On / Log On Remix(vocals on both sides slight low volume a little noise) year: 2001′ label: Big Life Muzik. #30 artist: Mr.Vegas song: Scream and Run / Mr.Pepper song: Sexy Mood(both sides lovers tunes slight noise) year: 2000′ label: Studio 2000. #31 artist: Sister Charmaine song: Talk Dirty /Jah Law song: Pretty Smile (classic reggae artist Sister Charmaine label clean lyrics lovers) label: Reggae Vibes. #32 Merciless & Queen Yamisha song: Rocking Chair(adapted soul classic reggae remix) label: Annex. #33 artist: T.O.K. song: Star / Rhythm by The Taxi Gang(solid lyrics on to solid reggae music) label: Taxi. #34 artist: Merciless song: What They Looking For “Refix”(refix of bashment classic) label: Yardy & Yankee. #35 artist: Kassie D song: Hustler Remix(rappy street use of slang term) / Elephant Man song: War With Me(strong language) label: Balantic. #36 artist: Sanchez song: Rock Bottom(solid reggae dancehall artist song) label: Tappa. #37 artist: Iyah-V (AKA) Donna-V song: Source Live Seed Acoustic(Live Seed Rhythm) label: Loyal Soldiers. #38 artist: Sizzla song: What A Scene(Nasty Lyrics) / Step Off Riddim has vocals with a lady(Step Off Riddim) label: Ice-Berg Records. #39 artist: Collie Buddz & Bounty Killa song: Never Snitch / Raw(Gangsta Tune) year: 2008′ label: Champagne. #40 artist: Vybz Kartel song: When You Buck Har / Raw/Edit label: Don Corleon. #41 artist: Delly Ranks / VoiceMail(Reggae Dancehall great vocal group) Cry Bud Version label: I..Licus Music. #42 artist: Tarrus Riley song: Pick Up The Pieces / Lowe Mi Business(side A slightly jumps) year: 2008′ label: Cannon Production. #42 artist: Vybz Kartel song: Garrison Cry / dub is different reggae band classic sound(vocals are low solid lyrics) produced by Nigal Simms label:(can not quite make clearly out) Zig Don. #44 artist: Morgan Heritage song: Anti-War Song(Someone Knows) / Morgan Heritage featuring: Junior Kelly song: Ah Who Dem(some bad tunes sadly a little jumpy) label: VP Records. #45 artist: Kirk Davis song: Every Time / Kirk Davis & Chrome song: We Nuh Like(gun tune slight dip on side A) year: 2000′ label: Springvale Music. #46 artist: Kiprich song: I’m Bless / Winchester song: Work Hard(scratches on vinyl slightly off press) year: 2000′ label: Mult-I Records. #47 artist: Vybz Kartel song: Yuh Wish / Bad Man Ting Riddim(vocals a little low gun tune) year: 2006′ label: So Solid Music. #48 artist: Israel Voice song: Ethiopian  Woman / See You Around Dub (vocals slight jump towards end band sound) year: 2002′  label: Ashquad. #49 artist: Tilli Beng & Stamma song: Unconditional Love / Unconditional Love  Remix(slightly jumpy 1 side plays good other jumps with a special mix dj note on label for this) year: 2005′ label: Devanture Entertainment. #50 artist: Glamma Kid song: Here Is Glamour / Here Is Glamour Dancehall Mix(vocals on both sides label is off bad) label: Mafia & Fluxy Music. Now, to close out this set Kid Pecos will list a fresh wave of tlsoundreggaedancehall cuts under this 1ST category of 2 artist on a tune. With this you can get an idea of how this type of tunes became a mix of artist, labels, songs, music. It takes years of finding tunes for a sound to play a certain way. #1 artist: Jack Radics song: The Way You Me /version by Professional Band(adapted song vocals on both sides) year: 1997′ label: Joe Gibbs 21ST Century. #2 artist: Pinchers song: Smoking It / Musical Youth song: My Girl(2 original 1980’s best vocal musical sounds acts) year: 2006′ label: Sound Truck. #3 artist; Elephant Man song: Fan An Cool It(x-rated & strong language) / Swinging Sweet song: Every Day label: Big Ship. # 4 artist: Kirk Davis song: Dem A Cry /Patchy song: Say No(slight jump) year: 2000′ label: Shocking Vibes. #5 artist: Bushman song: He Is Gone(same cut both sides label had to be taped down stop side A early side B can play all the way)  label: No Gredience  Production. #6 artist: Beenie man & Determine song: Togetherness / Thugz song: title is off(label is off) label: Hands & Heart. (This closes out this 1ST listing of mostly 2 artist on a tune with dub.)                                NEXT,  I will list some new tlsoundreggaedancehall vinyl singles with a focus on the parts that bring the whole product together. Labels are an important factor in cuts for sound systems  selections. Reggae labels from all over the world have carried on this part of reggae, dancehall, soundsystem, culture.  The labels with the artists have worked together to create a host of classic remember harmony of vocals with the musical sound backing. The labels I would say controls the actual music. Reggae, dancehall has a rich history of music that created the lyrical sounds that we enjoy. #1 label: Vibes House / artist: Devonte / song: Be Your Lover / version Count Bassie  / year: 1996′ / produced by Vibes Crew / A Shocking Vibes Production / mixed by A.Thomas /distributed by Penthouse(a classic dancehall sound). #2 label: Youth promotion / artist: Jr. Brown / song: The Heathen/ version by Noel Alphonso / year: 1997′ / produced for L. Minott for Black Roots Production / distributed by Wackies Music & http://www.ethiopiantaste.com Ethiopian taste. #3 label: Stone Love / artist: Devonte & Tanto Metro / song: I Can’t Get No Sleep / Rip Off Rhythm / year: 1999′ / produced by Stone Love Movement / distributed by Dynamic Sounds(slightly jumpy plays solid with a jump). #4 label: Cyltoan Records /artist: Fargo / song: So She Want It / Ruff Rider Version by Sly & Lenky / year: 1999′ / produced by Sly Gordon For Strong Production / distributed by Dynamic Sounds(scratches on vinyl grooved press plays solid). #5 label: Don Corleon / artist: Chevelle Franklyn /song: Peace / Heavenly Version / year: 2006′ / produced by D. Bennett distributed by In The Streetz. #6 label: Studio 2ooo / artist: Wickerman / song: Dweet Mek Wi Si / Bitter Blood Version by Steely & Clevie /year: 1999′ / published by EMI Music / produced by Steely & Clevie / distributed by Dynamic Sounds. #7 label: Hi Profile Records / artist: M’lonie / song: We Can Do It / The Hammer Version by Richard Browne / promoted & produced by $ham$ / published by C.C. / distributed by Call Me Shams Ltd.(adapted lady vocals slight scratches on surface solid sound). #8 label: Dynamite / artist: Little Lenny / song: How She Walk / She Walk Version / produced by Clive Jarrett & Mark Walker / published by Itayetta Music BMI / distributed by Sonic Sounds(rap style dancehall). #9 label: Montana Records / artist: Daddy Woody / song: Punny Fi Grease / Version by Sly & Herbie / Lie Lie Production / produced by B. Lie Lie & E. Sherman / distributed by Sonic Sounds(x-rated, nasty lyrics, dance tune). #10 label: Chilla Music / artist: Rasta Yute & Savid King / song: There’s A Party /Need A Life Version by P. Teetimus James(Jam 2) / produced by T. James(Uncle T) & R. Clarke(Chilla) / distributed by King Jammy’s(rap style dancehall). #11 label: Muslym / artist: Krazy Kirk / song: Ganja Man / year: 1992′ / executive producer: G. Muslym Foster / produced & arranged by B.T.B. & Musylm /recorded & mixed at the White House(vocals dub slight jump old style dj-mix on dub with with slight vocal mix). #12 label: Reggae Vibes / artist: John Holt / song: Bad Girls / arranged by Jah Mike & Fatta / produced by L. Ward & S. Cuburn  / distributed by Fat Eyes Production(major reggae artist). #13 label: How Yu Fi Say Dat ? / artist: Mr. Vegas / song: Nuh Easy / Answer Version / year: 1998′  / produced by A. Camer / published by C. Smith / recorded & mixed at Mixing Lab Recording Studio /engineer: Collin York / distributed by Red Roze Music Ltd.(slight jump on dub). #14 label: Renaissance / artist: Elephant Man / song: Seh Dem Bad / Stepz  Version by M. Jarrett & C “Si Ranie Marsh” / produced by D. Thomas & M. Jarrett for Renaissance Production / distributed by In The Streetz(slight jump jumps at end dub jumps after half). #15 label: Star Trail / artist: Wickerman / song: Gal A True / Steng Dub by Mafia & Fluxy / published by Tamijayo Music(ASCAP) / produced by R. Bell / distributed by Sonic Sounds(vocals grooved surface). #16 label: Taxi / artist: Black Out / song: Want Mi Loving / Want MI by Taxi Gang / produced & arranged by S. Dunbar & R. Shakespeare & L. Willis for Taxi Production(vocals jump a bit dub jumps a bit). #17 label Fat Eyes Records / artist: J.C. Lodge / song: Nice & Easy / year: 1999′ / published by Bulby & Fatta & Karl Toppin / distributed by Fat Eyes Production(a little uneven spots dips on surface vocals jump). #18 label: Remix Factory / artist: R. Kelly song: Ignition / label number RMF005(major rap artist slight bouncy For Soundman Use Only on the label). #19 label: Remix Factory / artist: 50 Cents / song: Many Men / Dirty Radio / label number RMF004(major rap artist over dancehall classic Slang Ting Dub rap dancheall style cussing For Soundman Use Only on the label). #20 label: Heights Of  Heights Records artist: Parrot / song: Storm/ Good Over Evil Rhythm / produced by M. Johnson & Jr. Johnson / mixed by Chester / distributed by Loyal Soldier Distributor / label number HH021(slight scratches vocal side dub pops adapted classic roots tune style). #21 label: Island Style & Taste Hot Soca / artist: Glen Washington & Trini Jacobs /song: The Wedding Song / Pelau Mix with John John Remix / Executive Producer Ian Willshire for Island Style Music /distributed by http://www.ethiopiantaste.com Ethiopian Taste Inc.(special red vinyl). #22 label: Harmony House / artist: Beres Hammond  / song: The Journey / Silekshan 11 version / year 2005′ / published by Humayne Pub.(ASCAP)  / produced by Beres Hammond / recorded and mixed at Silekskan Studio Recording Engineer Errol Brown / distributed by Harmony House Music. #23 label: H2O Production /artist: Bounty Killa / song: Pum Pum Mechanic / Slow Bounce by D. Vendetta &  Bennett & N.Staff / produced by D. Vendetta & Bennett & M. Brissett for H20 Productions / distributed by Street Music(vocals jump dub jumps vocals scratches on surface). #24 label: Jammy$ / artist: Delly Ranks / song: Sick Mi Stomach / Mexican Version by Craig Parkes / produced by Trevor James & Lloyd Jammy James / distributed by King Jammy’s. #25 label: Fire House Crew / artist: Luciano / song: Break Down /version by the Fire House Crew / year: 2002′ / produced by the Fire House Crew / manufactured & distributed by Reggae One  Love / label number FH019(solid heavy dub vocals evenly heavy). #26 144b Black Scorpio / artist:  Mr. Lex  / song: What You Want / Hustler Rhythm / year: 2000′  / produced by M. Johnson / distributed by  Dynamic Sounds & Black Scorpio / label number 0674(dub jumps at the start vocals solid). #27 label: Brickwall Records / artist: Kiprich / song: Badness Nah Wear / Viagra Version / year: 2000′ / distributed by Brickwall Distribution West Hollywood Florida / label number 70020. #28 label: Arrows Records / artist: Merciless / song: Gal Have Mi Weak / Belch Version  by the Arrows All Star / year: 1998′ / produced by P. Linton  & mixed by Delroy Fatta Pottinger at Arrows Recording Studio / distributed by Dynamic Sounds(vocals clear slight jump dub a little noise slight vocals on dub) another crucial reggae dancehall label http://www.anchor-recording.com has more details on Fatta on Engineers. #29 label: Manatee Records / artist: Risto Benji /song: Gimmie Dem / Lava Version / produced by Delion Reid & N. Salmon & C. Flowers / Executive Producers Delion Reid & Calvin Flowers for Mantee Records(reggae dancehall great from him youth slight jump grooved press solid sound). #30 label: In The Streetz / artist: Sizzla / song: Baby Love / Violin Version / produced by Clifford Smith & Byron Murray / distributed by In The Streetz Records(slight jump on version). #31 label: King Of Kings / artist: Beenie Man / song: The Girls Dem Doctor / version has dancehall artist vocals / year: 1999′ / produced by Collin Levy for King Of Kings Productions / distributed by Dynamic Sounds(vocals slight jump version side has surface marks). #33 label: Kings Of Kings / artist: Anthony B / song: New Girl / Famine by Leftside & Dial & Scatta / year: 2001′ / produced by Cordel Burrel & Everton Burrell & Damion Forbes for King Of Kings Productions / Executive Producer Collin Levy /distributed by In The Streetz Records(slight jump both sides smooth jump). #33 label: Dem Yute Deh Music / artist: Vybz Kartel / song: Goddess / Buckle Up Riddim  Instrumental by D. Hall & A. Whitfield / produced by D. Hall & N. Hall / distributed by Street Music #34 label: Danga Zone Entertainment /artist: Vybz Kartel / song: Forbidden Dance / version Forbidden Dance by Dwayne Chin-Quee / produced by Danga Zone Entertainment /distributed by Danga Zone Distribution. #35 label: Annex / artist: Elephant Man / song: Sex / Bushy Bushy Rhythm / year: 2000′ / produced by H. Hart / distributed by Annex Records. #36 label: Annex / artist: Powerman / song: Dem Wi Drown / Bushy Bushy Rhythm  /year: 2000′ /produced by H. Hart /distributed by Annex Records. #37 label: King Issachar Records / artist: King Issachar / song: Where Shall I Find / Where Shall I Find Version /produced and arranged by Carl Penny & Penny Cook /mixed at Respect Muzik / distributed by King Issachar Records / label number KIR002(UK  press style).                       Check Out more tunes at http://tlsoundreggaedancehall.wordpress.com looking join forces in web for positive vibes with reggae dancehall music/  www.pecossound.website.tc/ a few original press reggae classics. http://www.pecossoundsystem.jigsy.com/ http://www.pecossoundsystem.webspawner.com the roots of Jamaican music./          Check http://www.reggaemusic247.com the latest cuts with classics for crucial sound system selections.

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