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Kid Pecos Along With Pecos Disco Migrates From The Area A Little Past To Play Kutchie Love The Sound From Up Above Around Pecos Sound System Pecos Sound Add Space & A World Wide Web Vinyl Based Radio Show

Kid Pecos plays a dance groove in a central place of Holbrook Arizona. Nice outdoor ares to play dances in Petrified Forest National Park areas. Pecos Sound System can play indoors, commercial, club, entertainment zone in the bigger central cities and towns.Working on bringing a few all genre vinyl tunes back in the rotation. Into a wave of older tunes. With a sound system or being a DJ, vinyl collector there is lots of musical drifts to go into. This is why Kid Pecos tries to offer bulk selections. At http://www.pecosdisco.worldpress.com some older disco era selections or being listed. At http://www.kutchielove.wordpress.com an all genre with special close to 1 Genre Categories are being added. At http://www.pecossound.com an all style TL Sound Reggae Dancehall are being added.albums_covers573albums_covers2378albums_covers2523albums_covers2530albums_covers601albums_covers602albums_covers603.jpg albums_covers604albums_covers2826albums_covers2825albums_covers2827albums_covers2831albums_covers2385albums_covers2390Kid Pecos plays a few 78 RPM’s for that older mix sound groove. 78 format was around before the oldest 7″ singles. With an over lapping late 1940’s until the complete faze out late 1950’s. The sound or style of the 78 RPM is really something to hear. This being before Kid Pecos days makes knowing it a little more tough. For a music minded collector they have some nice music most of which you do not hear much of today. albums_covers166albums_covers152albums_covers160albums_covers167albums_covers153albums_covers161  Kid Pecos finds a nice space to play Pecos Sound System. The owner wishes to have an older genre of music played for a loyal group of customers. Kid Pecos will be getting a few selections ready for a vinyl dance set for Old Moe’s Groove who would also like to have some dance & Reggae for the Pecos Sound System Event. albums_covers2260albums_covers2235albums_covers2276albums_covers2423albums_covers2424albums_covers2427albums_covers2463albums_covers2462  albums_covers2560albums_covers2497albums_covers2498albums_covers2370albums_covers2369 Kid Pecos now will be Jammin’ on a Pecos Disco Mixx. With a Mix a DJ wants to create a nice dancing sound for an amount of time. A listening to Mix to spread a musical vibe. Being an all vinyl genre Sound System it depends on the genre of the music. So a sound, DJ needs all type of sounding vinyl or musical format. A Disco Mixx a DJ may want lot’s of 1970’s selections for a focus on the Music. Kid Pecos been bouncing to a few Disco 1970’s and earlier years vinyl lot’s of tunes were very popular in their years of release and beyond. Being at this time close to 30 years after the ending of the Disco Era and the 1970’s you have to add the music that came after the mid 1980’s. Going as far into years for more of a mix than a groove of 1 musical sound. That is what made the Disco Era work they kept adding new styles & songs year to year while returning to older selections. albums_covers2596albums_covers2561albums_covers2688albums_covers2639albums_covers2715albums_covers2497albums_covers2684albums_covers2515albums_covers186 Kid Pecos is into a solid vinyl drift. Working, trippen’ on, listening to a few drifts sort of some knew artist, styles. New vinyl selections seem to expand the way you can understand music. I t helps to pace years of music, artist into broader view. Older selections also can take on a new type of vibe. Now kind of getting more popular selections in a mixx. Some selections may not be quit as popular but the music is really nice. Some songs a Dj may just want to place in the mixx for the music. Older selections are good for listening to to see how to place them in mixx. albums_covers804albums_covers802albums_covers2635albums_covers803albums_covers708albums_covers806albums_covers475albums_covers2236albums_covers358albums_covers807albums_covers480albums_covers476albums_covers778albums_covers805albums_covers740albums_covers477albums_covers973albums_covers478albums_covers961 Kid Pecos has a few good nights at Old Moe’s Groove, nice friendly people enjoying a vinyl dance set.  Still in a few rounds of mix genre getting ready for the mixx. albums_covers3793albums_covers3795albums_covers3799albums_covers3796albums_covers3801albums_covers3797albums_covers3802albums_covers3798albums_covers3803albums_covers3794albums_covers3804 Kid Pecos still has lots of items for Jarvis Pecos Flea Market. albums_covers3845albums_covers3805albums_covers3826albums_covers3808albums_covers3830albums_covers3812albums_covers3833albums_covers3815albums_covers3836albums_covers3818albums_covers3837albums_covers3819albums_covers3842albums_covers3823albums_covers3844albums_covers3827albums_covers3839albums_covers3831albums_covers3841

Kid Pecos With Pecos Disco Played To Packed Crowds Of Locals From All Around Now Move Pecos Sound System Closer To Towards Region For A TL Sound Reggae Dancehall Round To Help Pecos Sound System Kutchie Love The Sound From Up Above Is Loading Up Dance Vinyl Like Crucial Roots Rock Reggae Tunes Being Placed On Pecos Sound

Kid Pecos sends out Greetings to all crew. Kid Pecos will be playing a few tunes with Pecos Disco towards The Petrified Forest National Park area. Go towards Adamana Arizona. A nice Hotel Casino is good plays to play a nice set like Pecos Sound or Pecos Disco.albums_covers2773 A place to play Pecos Disco like the Happy Owner of this Casino. With some of the vinyl selections being listed can play a solid Pecos Sound System. Pecos Disco will be adding some Disco era dance all genre vinyl at http://www.pecosdisco.wordpress.com also a special mix is at http://www.kutchielove.wordpress.com.  Now Kid Pecos is hosting shows like the past Jarvis Festival #1 building up Pecos Sound Followers. Will be adding all genre of vinyl for this mix while getting tunes for the next few rounds like closed out Sanders Arizona section. albums_covers691albums_covers726albums_covers707albums_covers692 Kid Pecos is going through the Pecos Sound System vinyl collection & Vintage items for Jarvis Pecos Flea Market. While towards this part of Petrified Forest National Park area of Adamana Arizona. albums_covers838albums_covers839albums_covers869albums_covers873albums_covers867albums_covers802albums_covers868albums_covers803albums_covers2773albums_covers806albums_covers762albums_covers807albums_covers763albums_covers2292albums_covers795albums_covers2294albums_covers794albums_covers2296albums_covers719albums_covers2297Kid Pecos is setting up a nice set of tunes. Pecos Disco is jumping. Working on getting a wave of fans to to study those vinyl tunes. Most are on the main sets. Having a vinyl collection with all the selections it seems a DJ still needs more, Kid Pecos sort of says or thinks “It is for the sound, vinyl collection, knowledge vibe of the music to grow.” With Pecos Disco it is sort of in that theme. Based on an all Genre thought with a focus on the Disco Era 1970 – 1984 going into an older 1950 -1970 Genre music closing out with Club Dance Vinyl 1980’s on a whole of tunes. A few may e on. For Pecos Sound System now mor a focus on the photo of the items. albums_covers464albums_covers965albums_covers419albums_covers964albums_covers200albums_covers450albums_covers787albums_covers792albums_covers845albums_covers834albums_covers945albums_covers849albums_covers835albums_covers975albums_covers809albums_covers818albums_covers836albums_covers976albums_covers968 albums_covers978albums_covers977albums_covers2381albums_covers972 Kid Pecos is working on a few waves of vinyl tunes.Kid Pecos would think “try to get them out of my mind” when working on so many vinyl selections from Pecos Sound System. To mean get them ready to play at a dance, a show, to see how they fit a mix.albums_covers628albums_covers625 albums_covers735albums_covers739 Kid Pecos of Pecos Sound System is working on a solid selection of dance all genre vinyl tunes at http://www.kutchielove.wordpress.com working on a party mind set featuring all genre have to kinda of see how it will go at http://www.pecosdisco.wordpress.com a 1970’s Disco Themed dance groove. Some new items mostly in vinyl will end up here for a nice vinyl musical fitting mix. albums_covers2715albums_covers081albums_covers702albums_covers588albums_covers2721albums_covers589albums_covers734albums_covers707 albums_covers610 albums_covers603albums_covers703albums_covers591 Kid Pecos is getting ready to play a set for Saturday. Place a few all genre waves in a mix. Just rolling now playing a few rounds. albums_covers2140  albums_covers2141albums_covers2143albums_covers764albums_covers2285albums_covers2303 Kid Pecos gets asked to play an all genre vinyl mix for a gathering at an “Old Timers” or to say “A Long Time Local Resident” spread or living commercial area. When traveling and playing a sound system people at times enjoys a musical set and have a place they can host or allow a sound system – DJ – to set up a gig or two. Gather a few selections for this vinyl all genre mix. albums_covers2753albums_covers2762albums_covers2775albums_covers2769albums_covers2781albums_covers2825albums_covers2875albums_covers2861albums_covers2772 Kid Pecos played a nice mix of newly added selections. A blue label for a classical selection. Sort of going through the sound checking for sound quality. Putting mixes together. Into a newly ordered group of All Genre late 1940’s early 1950’s to mostly 1970’s with a few 1980’s and beyond 7″ singles. A sound needs to add a few new items. Can not quit put them into current mix it helps to place a few tunes in a better way to play with tunes (so to say) , out of the sound mostly into dance, some country will get a wave of selections ready in a few days LP’s, 12″ in that country 1970’s & older type of wave. albums_covers2378albums_covers2253albums_covers2285albums_covers2335albums_covers2268albums_covers2351albums_covers2365albums_covers2418albums_covers2494albums_covers2457 Great vibes for last party set. Kid Pecos is deep into a vinyl musical groove. It seems at time a DJ can pick up a nice up lifting vibe from a vinyl musical collection. New tunes are good for this it helps to place the main tunes in a more powerful way. albums_covers210albums_covers279albums_covers211albums_covers399albums_covers212albums_covers419albums_covers213albums_covers451albums_covers214albums_covers450albums_covers215albums_covers440 albums_covers216albums_covers440 albums_covers523albums_covers440 albums_covers482albums_covers217albums_covers456albums_covers521albums_covers590albums_covers537albums_covers596

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