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Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System Winds Down The North Panhandle Of Texas Great City Amarillo With Jarvis Boot Shine Pecos Disco Floats Down Canyon / 27 Area Check In On Tiny Tim With Kutchie Love The Sound From Up Above TL Sound Reggae Dancehall Plays Odessa – Midland – Big Spring While Stopping At The Old Ranch

WIN_20190412_18_33_19_Pro Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System Sends Greetings To All Crew Near & Far.

Pecos Sound System Stylee

Kutchie Love The Sound From Up Above

TL Sound Reggae Dancehall

Pecos Sound

Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System touches down at The Ranch. Stretch On Out a bit trip on a little vinyl tunes for the up coming selections. Tiny Tim and The Crew will be a Hosting a dance for Kutchie Love The Sound From Up Above.

Pecos Sound System Stylee

Pecos Sound System

Pecos Sound System

Pecos Sound System

WIN_20190411_09_20_15_Pro  Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System / Jarvis Boot ShineWIN_20190412_17_38_27_Pro The Vibes Or Spirit Of Kid Pecos WIN_20190412_17_41_08_ProWIN_20190412_18_15_03_Pro SKA 8-16 Digital CameraDigital Camera  WIN_20191226_06_49_10_Pro Digital Camera Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound Works An All Genre Copies Of A Radio Station Vinyl LP Records Set Of Tunes. Being A Selector In Reggae terms or A DJ in American terms Digital Camera WIN_20191226_06_55_04_Pro Digital Camera you have to drift through lots of vinyl tunes to see what fits the vibe of the music for up coming dances or shows. Digital Camera  WIN_20191226_06_44_57_Pro  Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital CameraDigital Camera Now Kid Pecos will be working on a few new sets of Bulk All Genre Vinyl. Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera WIN_20190412_17_40_23_ProWIN_20190412_17_51_38_ProWIN_20190413_08_49_11_Pro Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound With Irie Dancehall Queens. Now going through sets of vinyl for a few new sets or Dances.    Being  A Sound System There are lots of selections to go through. WIN_20190703_11_52_15_ProWIN_20190711_08_33_17_ProWIN_20190425_07_40_52_ProWIN_20190710_09_05_11_ProWIN_20190711_08_29_19_ProWIN_20190711_08_10_29_ProWIN_20190727_19_39_31_ProWIN_20190721_16_58_07_ProWIN_20190720_12_23_41_ProWIN_20190805_09_17_45_ProWIN_20190805_09_28_24_ProWIN_20190805_09_30_07_Pro Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System Wishes All A Happy New Year. New Vinyl Selections / Sets will be added for 2020. WIN_20190721_16_56_44_Pro WIN_20190727_21_45_53_ProWIN_20190411_09_29_23_Pro Digital CameraWIN_20191109_22_03_58_ProWIN_20190412_23_32_14_ProDigital CameraDigital Camera SKA 10-22 WIN_20190805_09_37_41_ProDigital CameraDigital CameraWIN_20191110_18_52_54_ProDigital CameraWIN_20191110_19_04_45_ProDigital CameraWIN_20191226_06_45_08_ProWIN_20191213_07_09_22_Pro Kod Pecos Of Pecos Sound will check out some vinyl selections for an all set with Kutchie Love The Sound From Up Above Around Tiny Tim’s Old Timers Place. Digital Camera  SKA 11-28 WIN_20191220_18_24_36_ProDigital CameraWIN_20190805_09_46_46_ProWIN_20191220_18_28_36_ProDigital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera

Kid Pecos Along Side Kutchie Love The Sound From Up Above Winds Up Groove With Cheers For Host & Fans Moves To 1 Of The Greatest Place On Earth Area To Start Jarvis Disco Presents Disco Era Vinyl Artiste From The 1950’s To 1980’s

Hud-2 vinyl photos 5081                                                                                                Greetings all Crew from near and far from Kid Pecos.Closed out a smooth flowing round of vinyl in the Arizona. Add a few more tunes.  Into a bit of new sounds, older vinyl also. Items really fit sort of like a Pecos Sound listing TL Sound Reggae Dancehall vinyl style. More 7″ with a few LP’s for the listening to spirit, some 78 RPM’s to add some newer artiste they close to some of the early 1950’s sounds. Kutchie Love The Sound From Up Above will be runnin’ the Dance Vinyl from the main Pecos Sound System vinyl set at http://www.kutchielove.wordpress.com dance all genre is being added. .albums_covers3435albums_covers3431albums_covers3386albums_covers3101albums_covers3208albums_covers3405albums_covers3404albums_covers3402albums_covers3403Hud-2 vinyl photos 5138  With newer selections of 7″ still have the older selection at http://www.jarvisdisco.wordpress.com the are being added plus all genre Disco Style. Rain seems be passed for awhile. Lid Pecos will try to find a location to play Pecos Sound System. A mixed genre vinyl dance.

albums_covers3027.jpgalbums_covers3032albums_covers3166albums_covers3218Kid Pecos adds a few books for Jarvis Pecos. Kid Pecos will be playing around the area a few vinyl groove. albums_covers3886albums_covers3815albums_covers3887albums_covers3889albums_covers3891albums_covers3893albums_covers3955

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